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周陈平1, 杨敏1, 郭金菊2, 邝瑞彬1, 杨护1, 黄炳雄1, 魏岳荣1,*()   

  1. 1广东省农业科学院果树研究所,农业农村部南亚热带果树生物学与遗传资源利用重点实验室,广东省热带亚热带果树研究重点实验室,广州 510640
    2广东省农业科学院设施农业研究所,广州 510640
  • 收稿日期:2021-07-19 修回日期:2021-08-20 出版日期:2022-03-25 发布日期:2022-03-25
  • 通讯作者: 魏岳荣
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Dynamic Changes in DNA Methylome and Transcriptome Patterns During Papaya Fruit Ripening

ZHOU Chenping1, YANG Min1, GUO Jinju2, KUANG Ruibin1, YANG Hu1, HUANG Bingxiong1, WEI Yuerong1,*()   

  1. 1Key Laboratory of South Subtropical Fruit Biology and Genetic Resource Utilization,Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Tree Research,Institute of Fruit Tree Research,Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Guangzhou 510640,China
    2Institute of Facility Agriculture,Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Guangzhou 510640,China
  • Received:2021-07-19 Revised:2021-08-20 Online:2022-03-25 Published:2022-03-25
  • Contact: WEI Yuerong



关键词: 番木瓜, 果实, 成熟, 全基因组, DNA甲基化, 基因, 差异表达


The whole genome bisulfite sequencing(WGBS)and transcriptome sequencing(RNA-seq)techniques were used to sequence papaya fruit samples at four stages,namely green stage,color break stage,half yellow stage and full yellow stage. The average methylation level of C locus,CG,CHG,and CHH sequence contexts were 17.15%,49.33%,34.30%,and 8.28%,respectively. The level of genome-wide DNA methylation decreased with the ripening of fruit,accompanied by the increased number of differentially expressed genes(DEGs). Combined analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation and transcriptome data showed that the gene expression presented an obvious positive correlation with promoter and genebody methylation. Four differentially expressed candidate genes possibly responsible for papaya fruit ripening,namely CpACO4,CpPDS,CpXTH30 and CpXTH31,were screened out. Their expression levels and DMRs methylation levels obtained by RT-qPCR and McrBC-PCR matched well with the results of the transcriptome and methylome,respectively. These genes might play an important role in papaya fruit ripening.

Key words: Carica papaya, fruit, ripening, whole genome, DNA methylation, gene, differentially expression