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翟含含1,*, 翟宇杰1,*, 田义2(), 张叶1, 杨丽1, 温陟良1,**(), 陈海江1,**()   

  1. 1河北农业大学园艺学院,河北保定 071000
    2河北农业大学山区研究所,国家北方山区农业工程技术研究中心,河北保定 071001
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Genome-wide Identification of Peach SAUR Gene Family and Characterization of PpSAUR5 Gene

ZHAI Hanhan1,*, ZHAI Yujie1,*, TIAN Yi2(), ZHANG Ye1, YANG Li1, WEN Zhiliang1,**(), CHEN Haijiang1,**()   

  1. 1College of Horticultural,Hebei Agricultural University,Baoding,Hebei 071000,China
    2Mountainous Areas Research Institute,Nation Engineering Reserch Center for Agricuture in Northern Mountainous Region,Hebei Agricultural University,Baoding,Hebei 071001,China
  • Received:2022-07-15 Revised:2022-11-16 Online:2023-01-25 Published:2023-01-18
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为了探究SAUR(Small Auxin-Up RNA)基因家族成员在桃树(Prunus persica)生长发育中的作用,利用生物信息学方法对桃SAUR家族成员(PpSAUR)进行鉴定,对其染色体定位、基因结构、保守元件、进化关系及基因表达等进行分析,并对PpSAUR5功能进行初步鉴定。结果表明:桃中共有80个SAUR成员,分为12个亚组,不均匀分布在8条染色体上;基因结构显示75个PpSAUR只有1个外显子,余下5个有2 ~ 3个外显子;通过分析不同树势(强、中、弱)桃品种的转录组获得18个与树体长势呈正或负相关的SAUR基因,这些基因对外源植物生长调节物质处理响应不同。PpSAUR5对生长素与赤霉素均有响应,功能验证显示PpSAUR5转基因拟南芥幼苗叶柄、下胚轴及根较野生型长,且对NAA与2,4-D处理敏感性降低。研究结果表明PpSAUR5能够促进器官伸长。

关键词: 桃, SAUR基因家族, 鉴定, 基因表达


To explore the functions of SAUR(Small Auxin-up RNA)gene family in plant growth and development,bioinformatics methods were used to identify the SAUR genes in peach(Prunus persica). The chromosome location,gene structure,evolutionary relationship and gene expression were analyzed,and the function of PpSAUR5 was verified through transgenic method. A total of 80 PpSAUR members were identified and divided into 12 subgroups,which were unevenly distributed on the eight chromosomes. The analysis of gene structure showed that 75 PpSAUR genes contained only one exon,and five genes contained two to three exons. Eighteen SAUR genes were found to be associated with tree growth through RNA-seq analysis. These genes exhibited different expression patterns in response to exogenous hormone.Among them,PpSAUR5 was induced by both IAA and GA. PpSAUR5 transgenic Arabidopsis exhibited longer petiole,hypocotyl,root,and less sensitivity to NAA and 2,4-D treatment than wild-type. The results indicated that PpSAUR5 functioned to promote organ elongation.

Key words: peach, SAUR gene family, identification, gene expression