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许瑞瑞, 张世忠, 曹慧, 束怀瑞   

  1. (1 潍坊学院生物与农业工程学院,山东省高校生物化学与分子生物学重点实验室,山东潍坊 261061;2 山东农业大学园艺科学与工程学院,国家苹果工程技术研究中心,山东泰安 271018)
  • 出版日期:2012-10-25 发布日期:2012-10-25

Bioinformatics Analysis of WRKY Transcription Factor Genes Family in Apple

 XU  Rui-Rui, ZHANG  Shi-Zhong, CAO  Hui, SHU  Huai-Rui   

  1. (1College of Biological and Agricultural Engineering,Weifang University,Key Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Universities of Shandong,Weifang,Shandong 261061,China; 2 College of Horticulture Science and Technology,Shandong Agricultural University,National Research Center for Apple Engineering and Technology,Tai’an,Shandong 271018,China)
  • Online:2012-10-25 Published:2012-10-25

摘要: 利用生物信息学方法对苹果MdWRKY转录因子家族成员、基因分类、染色体定位、系统进化关系和结构域序列保守性进行了预测,并分析基因在果实成熟期和砧穗互作中的表达差异。苹果MdWRKY家族包含116个基因,分为GroupⅠ、GroupⅡ和GroupⅢ,其中GroupⅡ又可细分为GroupⅡa、GroupⅡb、GroupⅡc、GroupⅡd和GroupⅡe亚类;苹果的17条染色体均有WRKY转录因子分布,其中第1条染色体上的分布最多,有12个WRKY基因分布。MdWRKY编码的蛋白在118 ~ 965个氨基酸范围内,等电点位于4.81 ~ 10.16之间。Microarray分析发现,在苹果果实成熟时期和砧木接穗互作过程中,多数MdWRKY基因的表达都有不同程度的变化。

关键词: 苹果, WRKY, 转录因子, 生物信息学

Abstract: MdWRKY gene family,gene classification,chromosome location,sequence alignment and conserved structure domains of MdWRKY proteins were predicted and analyzed with bioinformatics methods,alignment of amino acid sequences and phylogenetic analysis. The amino acid sequences of the WRKY domain of all MdWRKY and possible orthlogs in Arabidopsis were aligned with Clustal W and the phylogenetic analysis tree was constructed using the neighbor-joining method in MEGA 5.0. The results showed that MdWRKY family contained 116 genes,which was further divided into three groups(GroupⅠ,GroupⅡ and Group Ⅲ). In addition,members in GroupⅡ can be further divided into five sub-groups(from Ⅱa to Ⅱe). A total of 112 MdWRKY genes were mapped to 17 chromosomes,whereas only 4 MdWRKY genes were not mapped to any particular chromosome. For example,Chr 1 encompasses the largest number of 12 MdWRKY genes,while the lowest number(Chr 14)contained 2 MdWRKY genes. MdWRKY proteins contained from 118 to 965 amino acids and the isoelectric point is from 4.81 to 10.16. Expression analysis showed that the expression levels of most MdWRKY genes were altered during the ripening process and rootstock-scion interactions process.

Key words: apple, Malus domestica, WRKY, transcription factor, bioinformatics