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宋艳红1, 陈亚铎1, 张晓玉2, 宋盼1, 刘丽锋1, 李刚1, 赵霞1, 周厚成1,*()   

  1. 1.中国农业科学院郑州果树研究所,郑州 450009
    2.河南农业大学许昌校区园艺学院,河南许昌 461101
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The Transcription Factor FvbHLH130 Activates Flowering in Fragaria vesca

SONG Yanhong1, CHEN Yaduo1, ZHANG Xiaoyu2, SONG Pan1, LIU Lifeng1, LI Gang1, ZHAO Xia1, ZHOU Houcheng1,*()   

  1. 1. Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Zhengzhou 450009,China
    2. College of Horticulture,Henan Agricultural University,Xuchang,Henan 461101,China
  • Received:2022-08-23 Revised:2022-11-03 Online:2023-02-25 Published:2023-03-06
  • Contact: *(E-mail:zhouhoucheng@caas


分析草莓碱性螺旋—环—螺旋(basic helix-loop-helix,bHLH)转录因子家族,鉴定到森林草莓(Fragaria vesca)花特异表达的转录因子基因FvbHLH130FvbHLH130编码区序列长度为960 bp,编码319个氨基酸,保守结构域预测结果显示第247 ~ 297 aa是bHLH结合域,其属于bHLH家族成员。FvbHLH130启动子含有生长素等激素响应、逆境胁迫和低温响应元件,推测基因表达可能受到生物和非生物胁迫诱导。FvbHLH130蛋白氨基酸序列与月季(Rosa chinensis)的相似性高达93.70%,与其他蔷薇科bHLH蛋白聚在一个分支上,与拟南芥AtFBH4是同源蛋白。农杆菌介导的FvbHLH130拟南芥转基因株系提前7 d开花,且促进开花相关基因AtAP1AtFTAtFULAtCO的表达。酵母双杂交实验结果表明FvbHLH130与FvARF4和FvARF6互作,可能作为蛋白复合体共同参与开花调控。

关键词: 森林草莓, bHLH转录因子, FvbHLH130, 开花调控


The basic helix-loop-helix(bHLH)transcription factor family of strawberry was analyzed,and the transcription factor FvbHLH130 was identified in Fragaria vesca. qRT-PCR analysis in different tissues showed that FvbHLH130 was flower-specifically expressed. Overexpression of FvbHLH130 in Arabidopsis thaliana activated flowering in transgenic lines. The full-length coding sequence of FvbHLH130 was 960 bp,encoding a 319-amino-acid protein. The prediction of conserved domain of FvbHLH130 showed that 247-297 amino acids were bHLH binding domain. The promoter of FvbHLH130 contained hormone,stress- and low temperature-response elements,which indicated FvbHLH130 might be induced by biotic and abiotic stress. The amino acids sequence of FvbHLH130 revealed up to 93.70% similarity with RcbHLH130. FvbHLH130 sequence was more closely related to Rosaceae bHLH proteins and was homologous to AtFBH4. Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana showed that the FvbHLH130 overexpression lines flowered seven days earlier than the control plants,and activated the expression of flowering-related genes AtAP1AtFTAtFUL and AtCO. The yeast two-hybrid results showed that FvbHLH130 interacted with FvARF4 and FvARF6,which may form protein complexes in the regulation of flowering.

Key words: Fragaria vesca, bHLH transcription factor, FvbHLH130, flowering