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贾鑫1, 曾臻1, 陈月1, 冯慧2, 吕英民1,*(), 赵世伟2,*()   

  1. 1北京林业大学园林学院,花卉种质创新与分子育种北京市重点实验室,城乡生态环境北京实验室,国家花卉工程技术研究中心,北京 100083
    2北京市园林绿化科学研究院绿化植物育种北京市重点实验室,北京 100102
  • 收稿日期:2022-04-07 修回日期:2022-07-01 出版日期:2022-09-25 发布日期:2022-10-08
  • 通讯作者: 吕英民,赵世伟;
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Cloning and Expression Analysis of RcDREB2A Gene in Rosa chinensis‘Old Blush’

JIA Xin1, ZENG Zhen1, CHEN Yue1, FENG Hui2, LÜ Yingmin1,*(), ZHAO Shiwei2,*()   

  1. 1Beijing Key Laboratory of Ornamental Plants Germplasm Innovation and Molecular Breeding,Beijing Laboratory of Urban and Rural Ecological Environment,National Engineering Research Center for Floriculture,School of Landscape and Architecture,Beijing Forestry University,Beijing 100083,China
    2Beijing Key Laboratory of Greening Plant Breeding,Beijing Institute of Landscape Architecture,Beijing 100102,China
  • Received:2022-04-07 Revised:2022-07-01 Online:2022-09-25 Published:2022-10-08
  • Contact: LÜ Yingmin,ZHAO Shiwei;


以月季‘月月粉’(Rosa chinensis‘Old Blush’)扦插苗为试验材料,基于干旱胁迫的转录组克隆得到响应干旱胁迫的AP2/ERF类转录因子基因RcDREB2A,对其进行生物信息分析、表达分析以及转录因子特性分析。结果表明,RcDREB2A包含1 155 bp的开放阅读框,编码384个氨基酸,在75 ~ 142位氨基酸区域含有1个保守的AP2结构域;系统进化树分析表明RcDREB2A与野草莓(Fragaria vesca)FvDREB2A(XP_004307690.1)亲缘性最高;RcDREB2A蛋白预测分子量为5 737,理论等电点为4.75,无跨膜结构域,不含信号肽;定位于细胞核,没有转录激活活性;RcDREB2A在月季‘月月粉’叶片中表达量较高,且能被ABA、干旱、低温、盐胁迫处理诱导表达上调。以上结果表明,RcDREB2A可能参与月季多种非生物胁迫的响应。

关键词: 月季, RcDREB2A, 非生物胁迫, 转录因子


Cutting of Rosa chinensis‘Old Blush’were used as the material to clone the AP2/ERF transcription factor RCDREB2A gene based on transcriptome under drought stress. The RcDREB2A gene contained a 1 155 bp open reading frame(ORF),encoding 384 amino acids and contained a conserved AP2 domain between 75-142 amino acids. Phylogenetic analysis showed that RcDREB2A has the highest affinity with Fragaria veaca FvDREB2A(XP_004307690.1). RcDREB2A protein has a predicted molecular weight of 5 737,a theoretical isoelectric point of 4.75. RcDREB2A protein has no transmembrane domain and no signal peptide. RcDREB2A protein was localized in the nucleus and showed no transcriptional activation activity. RcDREB2A was highly expressed in leaves,and it could be up-regulated by ABA,drought,low temperature and salt stresses. The above results indicated that RcDREB2A may participate in a variety of abiotic stress responses of rose and plays a crucial role in resisting abiotic stresses.

Key words: rose, RcDREB2A, abiotic stress, transcription factor