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田明康1, 徐智祥1, 刘秀群2, 眭顺照1, 李名扬1, 李志能1,*()   

  1. 1.西南大学园艺园林学院,南方山地园艺学教育部重点实验室,重庆市花卉工程技术研究中心,重庆 400715
    2.华中农业大学园艺林学学院,园艺植物生物学教育部重点实验室,武汉 430070
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Identification of the AP2 Subfamily Transcription Factors in Chimonanthus praecox and the Functional Study of CpAP2-L11

TIAN Mingkang1, XU Zhixiang1, LIU Xiuqun2, SUI Shunzhao1, LI Mingyang1, LI Zhineng1,*()   

  1. 1. Key Laboratory of Horticulture Science for Southern Mountains Region(Ministry of Education),Flower Engineering Technology Research Institute of Chongqing,College of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture,Southwest University,Chongqing 400715,China
    2. Key Laboratory of Horticultural Plant Biology(Ministry of Education),College of Horticulture and Forestry Science,Huazhong Agricultural University,Wuhan 430070,China
  • Received:2022-05-19 Revised:2022-11-05 Online:2023-02-25 Published:2023-03-06
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对蜡梅(Chimonanthus praecox)AP2(Apetala2,AP2)亚家族成员进行全基因组鉴定,并分析其在花发育过程中的表达模式;研究CpAP2-L11的表达特异性,过表达拟南芥(Arabidopsis thaliana)并观察其表型。共鉴定出20个蜡梅AP2亚家族转录因子,其中euAP2、basalANT和euANT组分别有5、6和9个成员,且euAP2组全部成员无miR172结合位点。共线性分析发现有12个成员形成了16对复制基因,并在进化过程中受纯化选择。多数AP2亚家族成员在4、5月花芽中高表达,在花芽进行需冷量积累的过程或后期低表达,仅CpAP2-L11在花芽需冷量积累到570 CU(Chill units,CU)的始花期高表达,同时CpAP2-L11在蜡梅幼果、外轮花被片和雄蕊中高表达,在茎、叶中低表达,并受高温和低温诱导表达量降低。拟南芥异源表达CpAP2-L11,抽薹时间显著提前,且FT、SOC1、LFYAP1基因表达量显著升高。蜡梅CpAP2-L11可能参与低温诱导打破蜡梅休眠导致寒冬开花及春季花芽分化,且促进过表达拟南芥早开花。

关键词: 蜡梅, AP2亚家族, 转录因子, 花发育


Members of the AP2 subfamily were identified at the whole genome level in Chimonanthus praecox,and their expression patterns during flower development were analyzed. The expression profile of CpAP2-L11 was investigated,and 35S::CpAP2-L11 was introduced into Arabidopsis thaliana Columbia-0(Col-0)to analyze its function. A total of 20 AP2 subfamily transcription factors were identified,including five,six,and nine members from the euAP2,basalANT,and euANT groups,respectively,and all members of the euAP2 group have no miR172 binding sites. Synteny analysis revealed that 12 members form 16 pairs of duplicated genes,which were subject to purifying selection during the evolutionary process. Most AP2 subfamily members are highly expressed in April and May flower buds(FBs),with low expression during the entire or later stage of the chilling requirement(CR)accumulation;the expression level of CpAP2-L11 increased significantly in FBs initiating blooming when CR accumulation reached 570 CU. qRT-PCR analysis indicated CpAP2-L11 was highly expressed in the young fruit,outer tepals,and stamens,but a low expression level was detected in stems and leaves in C. praecox. The expression level of CpAP2-L11 was downregulated by high- or low-temperature. Ectopic expression of CpAP2-L11 in Arabidopsis showed earlier bolting time and the relative expression of FTSOC1LFY and AP1 genes increased significantly. CpAP2-L11 probably participates in chilling-induced dormancy breaking and blooming in winter and FBs differentiation in spring in C. praecox,also promoting flowering in ectopic overexpression Arabidopsis.

Key words: Chimonanthus praecox, AP2 subfamily, transcription factor, flower development