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芥蓝八氢番茄红素脱氢酶基因BaPDS1 和BaPDS2 的克隆与表达分析

孙 勃,张 芬,夏 雪,薛生玲,袁 巧,陈 清,汤浩茹*   

  1. 四川农业大学园艺学院,成都 611130
  • 出版日期:2016-11-25 发布日期:2016-11-25
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Cloning and Expression Analysis of BaPDS1 and BaPDS2 in Brassica#br# alboglabra

SUN Bo,ZHANG Fen,XIA Xue,XUE Sheng-ling,YUAN Qiao,CHEN Qing,and TANG Hao-ru *   

  1. College of Horticulture,Sichuan Agricultural University,Chengdu 611130,China
  • Online:2016-11-25 Published:2016-11-25


以白花芥蓝为材料,采用反转录PCR 技术克隆得到2 个八氢番茄红素脱氢酶基因BaPDS1
和BaPDS2,GenBank 登录号为KX426039 和KX426040,其开放阅读框分别为1 692 和1 698 bp,分别编
码563 和565 个氨基酸。同源性及进化树构建结果表明PDS 蛋白在进化过程中比较保守,芥蓝PDS 基因
与甘蓝、白菜、花椰菜等十字花科蔬菜亲缘关系较近。半定量PCR 分析发现,BaPDS1 和BaPDS2 表达
水平在芥蓝不同发育时期和组织器官间均存在显著差异。萌动种子期BaPDSs 表达量较低,之后迅速上升;
BaPDS1 在成熟期器官间呈现组成型表达,BaPDS2 在器官间表达差异较大,幼果中未检出;花器官中萼
片的BaPDSs 表达量显著低于其他组织,在开花过程中,雄蕊和雌蕊的BaPDS1 表达水平出现上调。

关键词: 芥蓝, 八氢番茄红素脱氢酶, 克隆, 表达, 类胡萝卜素


Two genes encoding phytoene dehydrogenase(PDS)BaPDS1 and BaPDS2 were cloned by
RT-PCR from white flower Chinese kale(Brassica alboglabra Bailey). They were deposited in GenBank
with accession number KX426039 and KX426040 respectively. BaPDS1 and BaPDS2 each contained an
open reading frame of 1 692 bp or 1 698 bp in length,encoding 563 and 565 amino acids,respectively.
Phylogeny derived from the retrieved relative homologous counterparts of other species demonstrated that
the PDS proteins are relatively conserved in plant evolution. A closest phylogenetic relationship of PDS
genes was found among Chinese kale,cabbage,Chinese cabbage,and cauliflower. Semi quantitative
RT-PCR analysis showed that the expression of PDS genes differ significantly at both temporal and spatial
levels. The relative expression levels of BaPDSs were lower in germinating seeds,and then sharply
induced thereafter. BaPDS1 was constitutively expressed in different organs of mature stage,while
BaPDS2 abundance was obviously different among organs at the same developmental stage. Particularly,no BaPDS2 was detected in young seeds. The transcription levels of BaPDSs were significantly lower in
sepals than in other flower tissues. BaPDS1 was accumulated in stamens and pistils during blooming.

Key words: Brassica alboglabra, phytoene dehydrogenase(PDS), cloning, expression, carotenoids