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刘 河,朵 虎,赵 丹,孙 娥,马富鹏,马春玲,左存武*   

  1. 甘肃农业大学园艺学院,兰州 730070
  • 出版日期:2020-05-25 发布日期:2020-05-25
  • 基金资助:

Identification of CRK Gene Family in Pear and Its Members in Response to Signals of Valsa pyri

LIU He,DUO Hu,ZHAO Dan,SUN E,MA Fupeng,MA Chunling,and ZUO Cunwu*   

  1. Department of Horticulture,Gansu Agricultural University,Lanzhou 730070,China
  • Online:2020-05-25 Published:2020-05-25

摘要: 在植物响应逆境过程中,半胱氨酸富集类受体激酶(Cysteine-rich receptor like kinase,CRK)起重要的调控作用。本研究中以结构域Stress-antifung(Pfam:PF01657)和Pkinase(Pfam:PF00069)的保守序列为种子序列,在全基因组范围鉴定了梨(Pryus spp.)CRK家族成员。此外,对其蛋白理化性质、进化特征、基因在染色体上的位置、顺式作用元件(cis-acting regulatory element,cis-element)和表达模式进行了分析。共获得32个CRK家族成员,其氨基酸数、分子量和等电点分别介于440 ~ 1 217、48.90 ~ 137.02 kD和5.31 ~ 8.59,主要位于质膜。根据进化分析,将来自梨、拟南芥、苹果、番茄和水稻的156个CRK分为6个亚组,梨CRK主要分布于亚组Ⅳ,Ⅴ和Ⅵ。梨CRK中存在5个串联重复的基因簇,共包含了20个成员。此外,该基因家族所有成员的启动子区域都存在多个响应激素和逆境信号的cis-element。接种腐烂病菌Valsa pyri(Vp)后,杜梨(Pyrus betulifolia,抗病)和‘早酥’梨(Pyrus bretschneideri,感病)中分别发现8个和10个CRK发生了差异表达,6个基因在两种资源中都发生了差异表达。差异基因中,Pbr001477.1和Pbr000205.4在抗、感病资源中都显著上调,而其他基因的表达量在两种资源中呈现不同的变化趋势。

关键词: 梨, CRK, 基因家族, 腐烂病, 生物信息分析

Abstract: The Cysteine-rich receptor like kinases(CRKs)took important regulatory roles during plant:PF01657)and kinase(Pfam:PF00069),a genome-wide identification of CRKs in pear(Pyrus spp.)genome were performed. In addition,the physical and chemical characteristics,evolutionary characteristics,subcellular location,chromosomal distribution,cis-acting regulatory element(cis-element)and expression patterns were analyzed. A total of 32 CRKs were obtained,with the amino acid size from 440 to 1 217 aa,molecular weight of 48.90–137.02 kD,and isoelectric point of 5.31–8.59. CRKs were predicted mainly located on plasma membrane. According to evolutionary analysis,a total of 156 CRKs from 5 plant species,including pear,Arabidopsis thaliana,apple,tomato and rice,could be divided into 6 subgroups. Pear CRKs were mainly distributed in subgroup Ⅳ,Ⅴand Ⅵ. In pear CRKs,5 tandem duplicated gene clusters,including 20 members,were found. For all the family members,a large number of cis-elements responsive to hormone and stress were discovered in promote regions. After inoculated Valsa canker pathogen Valsa pyri(Vp),8 and 10 CRKs were differentially expressed in Pyrus betulifolia (resistant)and‘Zaosu’pear(Pyrus bretschneideri,susceptible),expression of 6 members were changed in both two germplasm. Among these,Pbr001477.1 and Pbr000205.4 were up-regulated in two germplasm,but other genes exhibited distinct expressions between two germplasm.

Key words: pear, CRK, gene family, Valsa canker, bioinformatic analysis