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刘金明, 郭彩华, 袁星, 亢超, 全绍文, 牛建新*()   

  1. 石河子大学农学院园艺系,特色果蔬栽培生理与种质资源利用兵团重点实验室,新疆石河子 832003
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  • 通讯作者: 牛建新
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Genome-wide Identification of Dof Family Genes and Expression Analysis Sepal Persistent and Abscission in Pear

LIU Jinming, GUO Caihua, YUAN Xing, KANG Chao, QUAN Shaowen, NIU Jianxin*()   

  1. Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Key Laboratory of Special Fruits and Vegetables Cultivation Physiology and Germplasm Resources Utilization,Department of Horticulture,College of Agriculture,Shihezi University,Shihezi,Xinjiang 832003,China
  • Received:2022-01-07 Revised:2022-05-30 Online:2022-08-25 Published:2022-09-05
  • Contact: NIU Jianxin


根据苹果、拟南芥等植物中的Dof转录因子基因序列,利用BLAST软件鉴定到梨基因组中51个PbDof基因,分为9个亚家族。基因结构分析表明,PbDof的内含子数为 1 ~ 3个;启动子区域含有5种胁迫响应和9种植物激素的顺式调控元件;基因复制结果显示,PbDof在物种进化过程中主要受纯化选择的作用。以蒸馏水为对照,于‘库尔勒香梨’盛花期喷施外源GA3和PP333,并采qRT-PCR技术检测各处理条件下宿萼组和脱萼组子房和萼片中PbDof的表达情况。结果表明,处理9 d后,PbDof34PbDof51的表达量在GA3处理宿萼组萼片中均显著高于PP333处理脱萼组,且PbDof34显著高于对照;而PbDof16PbDof19PbDof44的表达量在GA3处理宿萼组萼片中均低于PP333处理脱萼组;此外,PbDof16PbDof44的表达量在PP333处理脱萼组萼片中均显著高于对照。因此,PbDof34PbDof51可能正向调控萼片宿存,PbDof16PbDof19PbDof44可能正向调控萼片脱落。

关键词: 梨, Dof基因家族, 萼片宿存, 萼片脱落


Dof genes in pear genome were identified by BLAST software based on Dof genes from domestic apple and Arabidopsis thaliana. TBtools,MEME and MEGA-X software were used for bioinformatics analysis of Dof protein and gene sequences. The results showed that a total of 51 PbDof genes were identified,which belong to nine subfamilies. Structural analysis showed that the number of introns in PbDof gene varies from one to three. The promoter region contains five cis-regulatory elements related to stress response and nine cis-regulatory elements related to plant hormones. Synteny analysis of PbDof genes showed that PbDof was mainly affected by purification selection in the process of species evolution. To provide theoretical basis for understanding what roles the Dof genes play in calyx persistence and abscission of pear,the qRT-PCR method was used to detect the relative expression of Dof genes in ovary and sepals after sprayed with distilled water,PP333 and GA3 at full bloom stage. qRT-PCR analysis revealed that the expression levels of PbDof34 and PbDof51 after GA3 treatment were significantly higher than those after PP333 treatment,and the expression levels of PbDof34 were significantly higher than those after distilled water treatment(control) in calyxes on 9 d. The expression levels of PbDof16,PbDof19 and PbDof44 after GA3 treatment were all lower than those after PP333 treatment in calyxes on 9 d. The expression levels of PbDof16 and PbDof44 after PP333 treatment was significantly lower than those of control in calyxes on 9 d. We speculated that PbDof34 and PbDof51 may promote the calyxes persistence whereas PbDof16,PbDof19 and PbDof44 may promote the calyxes abscission in‘Korla Fragrant Pear’.

Key words: pear, Dof gene family, calyx persistence, calyx abscission