Acta Horticulturae Sinica ›› 2022, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (1): 1-10.doi: 10.16420/j.issn.0513-353x.2021-0038

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The Growth of Apple Container Seedlings in Replanted Soil and Characteristics of Soil Environment

CHEN Ran1, SU Houwen1, JIANG Weitao1, LI Qianjin2, CHEN Xuesen1, SHEN Xiang1, YIN Chengmiao1, MAO Zhiquan1,*()   

  1. 1College of Horticulture Science and Engineering,Shandong Agricultural University,State Key Laboratory of Crop Biology,Tai'an,Shandong 271018,China
    2Luochuan Apple Industry Research and Development Center,Luochuan,Shaanxi 727400,China
  • Received:2021-05-18 Revised:2021-06-23 Online:2022-01-25 Published:2022-01-24
  • Contact: MAO Zhiquan


Taking apple Honglu/M9-T337 as experimental material,container seedlings were cultivated in containers of small,medium and large sizes with upper diameter of 10 cm,20 cm and 30 cm,lower diameter of 8 cm,16 cm and 24 cm,and height of 30 cm,respectively. The container seedlings were transplanted into 25-year-old apple orchards together with substrates. Bare root seedlings were used as control. The growth of seedlings and soil environmental characteristics of root zone were observed after six months and 18 months. The results showed that the three kinds of container seedlings improved the soil environment and promoted the growth of saplings in different degrees,and the effect of large container seedlings with substrate was the most significant,followed by medium container seedlings with substrate. In September 2019,the plant height,ground diameter,fresh weight and dry weight increased by 210.3%,52.5%,189.6%,171.8% and 111.3%,25.1%,85.3%,82.8% respectively compared with the bare root seedlings;The root length,root surface area and root volume of medium container seedlings and large container seedlings transplanted with substrate were increased;The activities of SOD,POD,and CAT were increased;At the same time,it increased the content of chlorophyll and promoted the photosynthesis of leaves;The activities of urease,invertase,phosphatase and catalase in root zone soil were increased,and the gene copy numbers of Fusarium oxysporum and F. solani were decreased. The trend in September 2020 is consistent with that in September 2019. In conclusion,the three specifications of container seedlings can optimize the replant soil environment and promote the growth of young trees,and the large container seedlings with substrate have the best effect,which can effectively alleviate the apple replant obstacles. However,with the increase of container specifications,the cost of seedling raising increases significantly. Therefore,the medium container seedlings with substrate should be selected according to the situation in the old orchard and the new orchard.

Key words: apple, container seedling, replant disease, soil environment

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