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蔚 露 1 ,牛自勉 1,*,郭文龙 1 ,林 琭 1 ,李 全 2 ,李志强 1 ,王红宁 2 , 李鸿雁 2   

  1. (1 山西农业大学园艺学院,太原 030031;2山西农业大学果树研究所,太原 030031)
  • 出版日期:2023-06-26 发布日期:2023-06-25

A New Early-ripening Apple Cultivar‘Xialu’ 

YU Lu1 ,NIU Zimian1,*,GUO Wenlong1 ,LIN Lu1 ,LI Quan2 ,LI Zhiqiang1 ,WANG Hongning2 ,and LI Hongyan2   

  1. (1 College of Horticulture,Shanxi Agricultural University,Taiyuan 030031,China;2 Pomology Institute,Shanxi Agricultural University,Taiyuan 030031,China)
  • Published:2023-06-26 Online:2023-06-25

摘要: ‘夏露’是由‘夏红’芽变选育出的早熟大果型苹果新品种。果实近圆形,平均单果质量 203.6 g;果面光洁,底色淡黄绿,表色条红;果肉黄白色,汁多,甜酸,有香味,风味品质优良。果肉 硬度 8.73 kg · cm-2,可溶性固形物含量 14.25%。具有易成花、腋花芽结果、早果丰产等特点,果实发育 期 90 ~ 95 d;盛果期产量达 45 000 kg · hm-2。 

关键词: 苹果, 早熟, 品种

Abstract: ‘Xialu’is a new early-ripening apple cultivar selected from the bud mutation of ‘Xiahong’. The fruit was oblong in shape and the averaged single fruit weight was 203.6 g. The fruit skin was glossy with yellow-green ground color and bright red over color. The flesh was juicy,sweet and sour,palatable and aromatic. The fruit was good in taste quality with a firmness of 8.73 kg · cm-2 and the soluble solids content of 14.25%. The duration of fruit development was 90–95 d. The cultivar was easy-flowering,early-fruiting and high-yield,and the yield in full bearing period could reach to 45 000 kg · hm-2

Key words: apple;early-ripening;cultivar