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罗 轩,陈庆红* ,张 蕾,高 磊,白福玺,汪 志,叶丽霞,彭 珏    

  1. (湖北省农业科学院果树茶叶研究所,果树种质创新与利用湖北省重点实验室,武汉 430064)
  • 出版日期:2023-06-26 发布日期:2023-06-26

A New Cultivar of Actinidia arguta with Red-fleshed‘Jinxianghong’

LUO Xuan,CHEN Qinghong* ,ZHANG Lei,GAO Lei,BAI Fuxi,WANG Zhi,YE Lixia,and PENG Jue    

  1. (Hubei Key Laboratory of Germplasm Innovation and Utilization of Fruit Trees,Institute of Fruit and Tea,Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Wuhan 430064,China)
  • Published:2023-06-26 Online:2023-06-26

摘要: ‘金香红’是从湖北宜昌市野生软枣猕猴桃资源中选育出的红肉软枣猕猴桃新品种。果实长 圆柱形,果皮光滑无茸毛,平均单果质量 14.37 g。果实软熟后果皮、果肉均为红色。干物质含量 20.1%, 可溶性固形物 18.6%,可溶性糖 12.2%,可滴定酸 1.35%,维生素 C 521 mg · kg-1。风味香甜可口,果皮 涩感低,可带皮食用。极早熟,在武汉地区 8 月上旬成熟。盛果期产量 10 000 kg · hm-2。

关键词: 软枣猕猴桃, 红肉, 品种

Abstract: ‘Jinxianghong’is a new cultivar of red-fleshed kiwifruit bred from the wild resource of Actinidia arguta Planch. in Yichang,Hubei Province. The fruit shape is cylindrical,the average weight of fruit is 14.37 g. After the fruit ripening,the peel and flesh are red. The soluble sugar content is 12.2%, titratable acid content is 1.35% and vitamin C content is 521 mg · kg-1,soluble solids content is 18.6% and dry matter content is 20.1%. The flavor is sweet and delicious,with low astringency of the peel,and can be eaten with the skin. The fruit is ripe in early August in Wuhan. The yield of the full fruit stage trees is 10 000 kg · hm-2.

Key words: Actinidia arguta, red-flesh, cultivar