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刘 范,田 娜,孙雪丽,刘嘉鹏,伍俊为,黄玉吉,程春振*   

  1. 福建农林大学园艺学院,园艺植物生物工程研究所,福州 350002
  • 出版日期:2020-10-25 发布日期:2020-11-10
  • 基金资助:

Genome-wide Identification and Expression Analysis of Banana GLP Gene Family

LIU Fan,TIAN Na,SUN Xueli,LIU Jiapeng,WU Junwei,HUANG Yuji,and CHENG Chunzhen*   

  1. College of Horticulture/Institute of Horticultural Biotechnology,Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,Fuzhou 350002,China
  • Online:2020-10-25 Published:2020-11-10

摘要: 为揭示香蕉类萌发素蛋白(GLP)功能,对香蕉GLP基因家族(MaGLP)进行了全基因组鉴定,分析了基因结构、染色体分布和启动子顺式作用元件和转录因子结合位点(TFBS)分布情况以及编码蛋白的理化性质、保守基序、进化关系,同时基于转录组的结果研究它们在4 ℃和45 ℃处理的叶片、枯萎病菌FocTR4处理的根系以及自然成熟和乙烯催熟的不同成熟阶段的果实中的表达情况。结果显示:MaGLP家族共有44个成员,编码区CDS序列长度为567 ~ 2 103 bp,分布于除10号染色体外的所有染色体上。大部分GLP基因包含1 ~ 2个外显子,多数GLP具有信号肽且主要定位在胞外。进化树分析发现,MaGLP可分为8个亚家族,其中亚家族M为香蕉特有。顺式作用元件和TFBS预测结果显示,MaGLP启动子区存在多种植物激素和逆境胁迫相关响应元件以及7种TFBS。MaGLP成员在香蕉不同组织部位中的表达水平差异较大且受多种胁迫调控。其中MaGLP5-1和MaGLP9-8对各种处理均有响应,MaGLP1-2和MaGLP9-4受高温、低温胁迫抑制,而MaGLP9-6受高温、低温胁迫诱导,MaGLP5-4受高温和FocTR4调控,MaGLP4-4仅响应高温胁迫。研究结果表明MaGLP在香蕉抵御逆境过程中发挥重要作用。

关键词: 香蕉, 类萌发素蛋白, 基因家族分析, 逆境响应, 基因表达

Abstract: In order to reveal the functions of banana germin-like protein(GLP),the banana GLP (MaGLP)gene family was identified. Series of bioinformatics analysis was performed to analyze the MaGLPs’ structures,chromosomal distributions and cis-elements and transcription factor binding sites (TFBS)distributions in their promoter sequences and the characteristics of their encoded proteins such as physical and chemical characteristics,motifs,and phylogenetic relationship. Additionally,based on our previous RNA-seq data,the expression of the MaGLP family members in leaves treated by 4 ℃ and 45 ℃,roots treated by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense tropical race 4(FocTR4),and fruits at different mature stages under natural condition and ethylene treatment were studied. Totally,we identified 44 MaGLP family members distributing in all the banana chromosomes except chromosome 10. The coding sequence of these genes ranges from 567 bp to 2 103 bp. Most MaGLP genes contained 1 – 2 exons,and most MaGLP proteins owned signal peptide and were predicted to be located in extracellular part. Phylogenetic analysis showed that MaGLPs could be divided into 8 subfamilies,of which subfamily M was banana specific. Prediction results of cis-acting elements and TFBS showed that there were multiple plant hormone- and stress-responsive elements and seven kinds of TFBS in the promoter regions of MaGLPs. Expression analysis revealed that the expression of MaGLP members varied a lot in different organs and were regulated by various stresses. For instance,the expression of MaGLP5-1 and MaGLP9-8 was found to be responsive to various treatments. MaGLP1-2 and MaGLP9-4 expression could be inhibited by both high and low temperature treatments,while MaGLP9-6 was induced. MaGLP5-4 expression was influenced by high temperature and FocTR4. MaGLP4-4 was found to be only high temperature responsive. Our present study indicated that MaGLPs played important roles in the stress responses of banana.

Key words: banana, germin-like protein, gene family analysis, stress response, gene expression