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UV-B 辐射增强处理抑制杧果叶片光合作用的生理原因分析

王 红,岳 堃,杨成坤,郭钰柬,王珮璇,周开兵   

  1. 海南大学热带作物新品种选育教育部工程研究中心,海口 570228
  • 出版日期:2020-02-25 发布日期:2020-02-25
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Physiological Reasons for Inhibiting Photosynthesis of Mango Leaves by Enhanced UV-B Radiation

WANG Hong,YUE Kun,YANG Chengkun,GUO Yujian,WANG Peixuan,and ZHOU Kaibing   

  1. Tropical Crop New Variety Breeding Education Engineering Center,Hainan University,Haikou 570228,China
  • Online:2020-02-25 Published:2020-02-25

摘要: 为了探究杧果在 UV-B 辐射增强条件下的叶片光合生理变化特点,以自然光为对照,在田间人工模拟 UV-B 辐射增强处理‘台农 1 号’杧果成年树,设置 24 和 96 kJ · m-2 · d-1 两个 UV-B 辐射增强处理,观测了叶片光化学反应、碳同化关键酶活性及其基因表达水平等的变化。结果表明,96 kJ · m-2 · d-1处理导致树体株产和果实可溶性糖、糖酸比降低,而 24 kJ · m-2 · d-1 增强处理除维生素 C 显著高于对照外,与对照无显著差异;96 kJ · m-2 · d-1 增强处理的叶片叶绿素 a/b 值、净光合速率、气孔导度、蒸腾速率和胞间 CO2 浓度等多显著低于对照和 24 kJ · m-2 · d-1 增强处理,光合色素含量、希尔反应活力、光化学猝灭系数和 Rubisco 活性等均明显高于对照;24 kJ · m-2 · d-1 增强处理的叶片希尔反应活力和 Rubisco 活性等均显著高于对照,净光合速率、气孔导度、蒸腾速率、胞间 CO2 浓度和光合色素含量等多与对照无显著差异;3 月 5 日和 4 月 22 日 96 kJ · m-2 · d-1 增强处理抑制 Rubisco 大亚基(RbcL)编码基因表达。可见,UV-B 96 kJ · m-2 · d-1 增强处理能直接引起气孔限制,进而抑制光合作用,并引起减产和品质变劣。

关键词: 杧果, 增强 UV-B 辐射, 光合作用

Abstract: In order to investigate the characteristics of photosynthesis changes of mango leaves under enhanced UV-B Radiation,the treatment of artificial simulation of enhanced UV-B radiation(24 and 96 kJ ·m-2 ·d-1) were conducted with the adult trees of‘Tainong 1’in the field,and the photochemical reactions, activities of key enzymes in carbon assimilation and the expression of gene were observed. The results showed that,compared to the control(natural lighting),there was a decrease of tree yield and soluble sugar and sugar-acid ratio of fruits under the 96 kJ ·m-2 ·d-1 treatment and no significant changes with 24 kJ · m-2 · d-1 tratment except that vitamin C was significantly higher than the control. Chlorophyll a/b value,net photosynthetic rate,stomatal conductance,transpiration rate and intercellular CO2concentration in leaves treated by 96 kJ · m-2 · d-1 were significantly lower than the control and treated by 24 kJ · m-2 · d-1,The content of photosynthetic pigment,the vitality of Hill reaction,the quenching coefficient of photochemistry the activities of Rubisco were significantly higher than the control. The Hill activity and Rubisco activity treated by 24 kJ · m-2 · d-1 were significantly higher than the control,net photosynthetic rate,stomatal conductance,transpiration rate,intercellular CO2 concentration and the content of photosynthetic pigment showed no significant difference compared to the control. The expression of coding gene of Rubisco big subunit(RbcL)could be inhibited by the 96 kJ · m-2 · d-1treatment 5th March and 22nd April. It is clear that stomatal limitation could be induced by 96 kJ · m-2 · d-1treatment directly,and then photosynthesis would be inhibited and then result in the reduction of yield and the deterioration of quality

Key words: mango, enhanced UV-B radiation, photosynthesis