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丁安琪1,*,冯 莹2,*,朱里莹1,徐世荣1,秦 军1,潘东明1,**   

  1. 1福建农林大学园艺产品贮运保鲜研究所,福州 350002;2泉州师范学院资源与环境科学学院,福建泉州 362000
  • 出版日期:2016-01-25 发布日期:2016-01-25
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Cloning and Expression Analysis of Temperature-induced Lipocalin in Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis

DING An-qi1,*,FENG Ying2,*,ZHU Li-ying1,XU Shi-rong1,QIN Jun1,and PAN Dong-ming1,**   

  1. 1Institute of Postharvest Science and Technology of Horticultural Products,Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,Fuzhou,350002,China;2School of Resource and Environmental Science,Quanzhou Normal University,Quanzhou,Fujian 362000,China
  • Online:2016-01-25 Published:2016-01-25


采用PCR法,从水仙(Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis)鳞茎主芽中分离克隆到1个温度诱导脂质运载蛋白基因NtTIL。该基因含有567 bp开放阅读框,编码188个氨基酸。该基因属于lipocalin-2 superfamily基因家族;推导的氨基酸序列含有SCR1、SCR2和SCR3 3个植物lipocalin的典型结构域,与小麦、拟南芥等植物的同源性大于75%;编码的蛋白为稳定酸性亲水蛋白,不含有信号肽,进行N末端朝外由外到内的跨膜运动。qRT-PCR结果分析表明,水仙生长发育过程中鳞茎膨大期NtTIL表达量较低;休眠期表达量先升高后降低。推测NtTIL对水仙鳞茎主芽休眠具有一定调控作用。

关键词: 水仙, 温度诱导运载蛋白, 克隆, 表达, 夏休眠


An encoding temperature-induced lipocalin(TIL)gene NtTIL was separated and cloning by PCR in Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis. The open reading frame of NtTIL was 567 bp,encoding a protein of 188 amino acids. Biological software for NtTIL protein analysis showed that:The gene belongs to lipocalin-2 superfamily gene family;typical domains deduced from amino acid sequence contained SCR1,SCR2 and SCR3 three of botanical lipocalin. It’s homology greater than wheat,Arabidopsis and other plants 75%. Sequence analyses revealed that this protein was stable and hydrophilic without signal peptides;transmembrane movement was from outside to inside in the outward N-terminus,then transmembrane. And the relative expression of this gene was surveyed by real-time quantitative PCR during different growth stage. The results showed that its relative expression during different growth stage was different;the NtTIL expression was low in bulb swelling stage,expression increased and then reduced in dormancy stage,and expression increased slightly in flower differentiation stage. In conclusion,itsuggested that NtTIL could play a role for regulation of bud dormancy in Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis.

Key words: Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis, temperature-induced lipocalin, cloning, expression, dormancy