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  1. 山东农业大学园艺科学与工程学院,作物生物学国家重点实验室,农业部黄淮地区园艺作物生物学与种质创制重点实验室,山东泰安 271018
  • 出版日期:2020-01-25 发布日期:2020-01-25
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Analysis of Abscisic Acid Sensitivity of Apple Ethylene Response Factor MdERF11 Gene

WANG Jiahui,YU Jianqiang,ZHANG Quanyan,HAN Pengliang,YOU Chunxiang,HU Dagang*,and HAO Yujin   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Crop Biology,Ministry of Agriculture Key Laboratory of Horticultural Crop Biology(Huanghuai Region)and Germplasm Innovation,College of Horticulture Science and Engineering,Shandong Agricultural University,Tai’an,Shandong 271018,China
  • Online:2020-01-25 Published:2020-01-25

摘要: 以‘嘎拉’苹果(Malus × domestica Borkh.)为试材,克隆了乙烯响应因子基因MdERF11(序列号 MDP0000756341)。测序发现,该基因包含全长为483 bp的完整开放阅读框,编码161个氨基酸。系统进化树分析表明,这一乙烯响应因子与拟南芥AtERF11蛋白同源序列相似性最高。利用PlantCare数据库进行基因启动子顺式作用元件预测,MdERF11启动子序列中含有与脱落酸(ABA)、乙烯及干旱信号相关的顺式作用元件。荧光定量PCR分析表明,MdERF11在苹果的各组织中均有表达,在叶柄和果实中表达量相对较高;并且MdERF11的表达明显受到ABA的诱导。在外源ABA的处理下,MdERF11过量表达的苹果愈伤组织的生长势明显比野生型强,表明MdERF11降低了苹果愈伤组织对ABA的敏感性。

关键词: 苹果, MdERF11, 乙烯响应因子, 脱落酸

Abstract: An ethylene response factor(GenBank accession number:MDP0000756341),named as MdERF11,was isolated from‘Gala’apple cultivar(Malus × domestica Borkh.),with a complete open reading frame(ORF)of 483 bp in length and encodes 161 amino acids. Phylogenetic tree analysis showed that the ethylene response factor exhibited the highest sequence similarity with Arabidopsis AtERF11. In silico analysis suggested that the promoter sequence of MdERF11 contained several typical cis-acting elements,including abscisic acid-,ethylene- and drought-responsive elements by using PlantCare Databases. qRT-PCR assays showed that MdERF11 constitutively expressed in different tissues of apple,with higher expression levels in petioles and fruits. The expression of MdERF11 was noticeably induced by exogenous abscisic acid(ABA). Furthermore,the growth potential of MdERF11-overexpressing apple calli were much stronger than that of wild-type apple calli under exogenous ABA condition,suggesting that MdERF11 reduces the sensitivity of apple callus to exogenous ABA.

Key words: apple, MdERF11, ethylene response factor, abscisic acid