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茄子花青素合成相关基因SmMYB 的克隆与表达分析

 邵文婷, 刘 杨, 韩洪强, 陈火英   

  1. (上海交通大学农业与生物学院,上海 200240)
  • 出版日期:2013-03-25 发布日期:2013-03-25

Cloning and Expression Analysis of an Anthocyanin-related Transcription
Factor Gene SmMYB in Eggplant

 SHAO  Wen-Ting, LIU   Yang, HAN  Hong-Qiang, CHEN  Huo-Ying   

  1. (School of Agriculture and Biology,Shanghai Jiao Tong University,Shanghai 200240,China)
  • Online:2013-03-25 Published:2013-03-25

摘要: 以茄子(Solanum melongena L.)‘YZ14’(紫茄)和‘YZ3’(白茄)为试验材料,采用
同源克隆与RACE(rapid amplification of cDNA ends)相结合的方法克隆了茄子MYB 基因cDNA 及gDNA
全长序列,命名为SmMYB。序列分析结果表明:该基因cDNA 全长1 035 bp,开放阅读框837 bp,编码
278 个氨基酸,与辣椒(Capsicum annuum L.)MYB 转录因子氨基酸序列相似性达71%;成熟蛋白的等电
点为8.47,具有2 个典型的DNA-binding 结构域且亚细胞定位于细胞核;gDNA 全长3 834 bp,包含3 个
外显子及2 个内含子。荧光半定量检测结果表明:SmMYB 在茄子根、茎、叶、花瓣、果皮中均有表达,
似。推测SmMYB 为一个MYB 转录因子基因,正向调控茄子花青素的合成。


茄子, 花青素, SmMYB 基因, 表达分析

Abstract: MYB gene’s cDNA and gDNA sequences in full length were cloned from eggplant
Solanum melongena L.) cultivars‘YZ14’and‘YZ3’using RT-PCR and RACE. Sequence analysis shows
that the full length of cDNA is 1 035 bp long,and the open reading frame(ORF)is 837 bp long,encoding
278 amino acids. The protein isoelectric point is at pH8.47. The SmMYB protein contains two typical
DNA-binding domains and has 71% homologies with anthocyanin biosynthesis-related R2R3-MYB
transcription factor in capsicum. Furthermore,the protein is located mostly in the nucleus,in agreement
with the regulatory function of MYB transcription factors. The corresponding gDNA is 3 834 bp in length,
consisting of three exons and two introns. Fluorescence semi-quantitative PCR analysis indicates that
SmMYB is expressed in all organs of the plant,including roots,stems,leaves,petals,and peels. However,
the expression level of SmMYB is tissue-specific,and highly correlated with the concentration of
anthocyanin in peel after shading treatment. Therefore,the SmMYB is speculated to be a MYB transcription factor gene,which positively regulates the biosynthesis of anthocyanin in eggplant.

Key words: eggplant, anthocyanin, SmMYB gene, expression analysis