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尉倩, 李淑娟*()   

  1. 陕西省西安植物园,陕西省植物研究所,陕西省植物资源保护与利用工程技术研究中心,西安 710061
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    陕西省自然科学基础研究计划项目(2020JQ-970); 西安市科技计划农业技术研发项目(20NYYF0058); 陕西省重点研发计划项目(2021NY-072)

A New Waterlily Cultivar‘Datang Feixia’

WEI Qian, LI Shujuan*()   

  1. Xi’an Botanical Garden of Shaanxi Province,Botany Institute of Shaanxi Province,Shaanxi Engineering Research Centre for Conservation and Utilization of Botanical Resources,Xi’an 710061,China
  • Received:2023-02-08 Revised:2023-09-07 Published:2023-09-25 Online:2023-09-26
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‘大唐飞霞’是从混种的睡莲自然杂交实生苗中选育的新品种。植株中小型,花型先碗状后杯状,花瓣粉白,尖部有红晕,35 ~ 40枚,花径10 ~ 14 cm,花浮水开放,淡香,萼片4枚,叶面绿,全缘,叶耳闭合,平均叶面积15.3 cm × 16.5 cm。属耐寒睡莲,地下茎形式可在冰层以下泥土中自然越冬。

关键词: 睡莲, 品种


The new cultivar of waterlily‘Datang Feixia’was bred from the seedlings of mixed natural hybrid. It is a small and medium-sized plant with flower of bowl-shaped first,then cuplike,pink-white blooms fading to white on the last day of bloom with a pale pink flush on the petal tips. Blooms float on the water’s surface,flowers are fragrant and measure 10-14 cm in diameter with 35-40 petals and four sepals per bloom. Leaves are olive-green,blade margin entire,lobes closed,the average leaf area is 15.3 cm × 16.5 cm.‘Datang Feixia’is a hardy waterlily and can overwinter outdoors in the soil under the ice in the form of underground stem.

Key words: waterlily, cultivar