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丁捷1,2, 刘春燕1,3, 黄彭1,4, 李红莹1, 陈黎维2, 蒲小燕2, 刘耀文1, 秦文1,*()   

  1. 1 四川农业大学食品学院,四川雅安 625014
    2 四川旅游学院食品学院,成都 610100
    3 成都挎福科技有限责任公司,成都 610100
    4 宜宾学院质量管理与检测学部,四川宜宾 644000
  • 收稿日期:2023-05-09 修回日期:2023-07-03 出版日期:2023-09-25 发布日期:2023-09-26
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Recent Advances in Postharvest Technologies to Extend the Shelf Life of Blueberries

DING Jie1,2, LIU Chunyan1,3, HUANG Peng1,4, LI Hongying1, CHEN Liwei2, PU Xiaoyan2, LIU Yaowen1, QIN Wen1,*()   

  1. 1 College of Food Science,Sichuan Agricultural University,Ya’an,Sichuan 625014,China
    2 College of Food Science and Technology,Sichuan Tourism University,Chengdu 610100,China
    3 Chengdu Kuafu Technology Co.,LTD.,Chengdu 610100,China
    4 Department of Quality Management and Inspection and Detection,Yibin University,Yibin,Sichuan 644000,China
  • Received:2023-05-09 Revised:2023-07-03 Published:2023-09-25 Online:2023-09-26
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关键词: 蓝莓, 采后, 品质劣变, 化学方法, 物理方法, 生物方法


The post-harvest quality of fresh blueberries is limited by objective factors such as temperature during the picking season and marketing and storage conditions. This paper explores the main causes of post harvest quality deterioration of blueberries;collects the latest information related to post harvest shelf-life extension and storage quality improvement of blueberries,and reviews the three types of post harvest treatment technologies,namely chemical,physical and biological,at home and abroad. In the future,post harvest physiopathology and preservation techniques should be studied in depth at the cellular and molecular levels. And on this basis,a variety of fresh-keeping technologies are used to reduce moisture residue and mechanical damage in the post-harvest treatment process,so as to maintain good visual appearance and internal quality of blueberries throughout the shelf life.

Key words: blueberry, postharvest, quality deterioration, chemical method, physical method, biological control method