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朱 磊1,李丹丹1,王鹤霖1,张雅丽2,*   

  1. (1黑龙江八一农垦大学食品学院,黑龙江大庆 163319;2中国农业大学食品科学与营养工程学院,北京 100083)
  • 出版日期:2017-09-25 发布日期:2017-09-25

Advances in Glycosylated Anthocyanins in Grapes

ZHU Lei1,LI Dandan1,WANG Helin1,and ZHANG Yali2,*   

  1. (1College of Food Science and Technology,Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University,Daqing,Heilongjiang 163319,China;2College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering,China Agricultural University,Beijing 100083,China)
  • Online:2017-09-25 Published:2017-09-25

摘要: 葡萄果实与葡萄酒的颜色由其所含花色苷的种类和含量决定,而花色苷是由花色素经过糖基化修饰转变而成,所以糖基化修饰在葡萄果实花色苷合成途径中起着重要作用。葡萄果实中的糖基化花色苷主要包括花色素的3–O–葡萄糖基和3,5–O–双葡萄糖基,即花色素单糖苷和花色素双糖苷,糖基化花色苷的组成是决定红葡萄酒品质的关键因素之一。对糖基化花色苷在葡萄果实中的组成及其对葡萄酒颜色和稳定性的影响进行了简要介绍,重点对花色素单糖苷和花色素双糖苷合成的关键酶基因以及转录因子进行了综述,以期为葡萄果实糖基化花色苷合成的调控机理的全面揭示和优质红色酿酒葡萄品种的选育提供信息。

关键词: 葡萄, 花色苷, 糖基化, 关键酶基因, 转录因子

Abstract: The colors of grapes and wines depend on their contents and types of anthocyanin compounds. Anthocyanins were transformed from anthocyanidins through glycosylation. So glycosylation plays an important role in the synthesis pathway of grape anthocyanin compounds. In grape berries,glycosylated anthocyanins include 3-O-glucoside and 3,5-O-diglucosides of anthocyanidins,i.e. monoglucoside anthocyanins and diglucoside anthocyanins. The compositions of glycosylated anthocyanins are one of the critical factors which determine red wine quality. In this review,the compositions of glycosylated anthocyanins in grape berries and the effects of glycosylated anthocyanins on the colours and stabilities of wines were briefly introduced. And the key enzyme genes and transcription factors of the biosynthesis of monoglucoside anthocyanins and diglucoside anthocyanins in grapes were mainly reviewed. The purpose of this review was providing references for the comprehensive revelation of biosynthetic regulation of glycosylated anthocyanins and the breeding of red wine grape cultivars with high quality.

Key words: grape, anthocyanin, glycosylation, key enzyme gene, transcription factor