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叶泗洪*, 倪颖, 孙卉, 刘飞, 邓小楠, 完玲中, 吴娟   

  1. 安徽省农业科学院棉花研究所,合肥 230001
  • 收稿日期:2023-01-27 修回日期:2023-06-14 出版日期:2023-09-25 发布日期:2023-09-26
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    安徽省重点研究与开发计划项目(202104f06020036); 安徽省农业科学院成果转化项目(2023YL033)

New Okra Cultivar‘Wan Qiukui 8’with Storage Resistance

YE Sihong, NI Ying, SUN Hui, LIU Fei, DENG Xiaonan, WAN Lingzhong, WU Juan   

  1. Cotton Research Institute,Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Hefei 230001,China
  • Received:2023-01-27 Revised:2023-06-14 Published:2023-09-25 Online:2023-09-26


‘皖秋葵8号’是从‘日本绿星’品种变异单株中选育出的黄秋葵新品种。果皮深绿色,鲜亮,鲜果长14 ~ 16 cm,果粗18 ~ 22 mm,平均单果质量14.8 g,单株蒴果数37.3个,2年品比试验鲜果产量29 390.4 kg · hm-2,比对照‘五角’增产11.6%。0 ~ 5 ℃冰箱封闭储存时间15 ~ 20 d,较一般品种长5 d 左右。适合安徽省各地推广种植。

关键词: 黄秋葵, 选育, 品种


‘Wan Qiukui 8’is a new cultivar selected by genealogy from the variation single plant of ‘Japanese Green Star’. The fruit skin is dark green and bright,the average fresh fruit length is 14-16 cm,the fruit thickness is 18-22 mm,the average single fruit weight is 14.8 g,and the number of capsules per plant is 37.3. The yield of fresh fruit of the 2-year product is 29 390.4 kg · hm-2,and compared with the control‘Wujiao’,the yield increased by 11.6%. The closed storage time of the refrigerator at 0-5 ℃ is 15-20 days,which is about 5 days longer than that of the general cultivars. It is suitable for popularization and planting in Anhui Province.

Key words: okra, breeding, cultivar