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刘文欢, 邱芳颖, 王娅, 陈朗, 马岩岩, 吕强, 易时来, 谢让金, 郑永强*()   

  1. 西南大学/中国农业科学院柑桔研究所,国家柑橘工程技术研究中心,重庆 400712
  • 收稿日期:2021-11-10 修回日期:2021-11-30 出版日期:2022-03-25 发布日期:2022-03-25
  • 通讯作者: 郑永强
  • 基金资助:

Effects of Liquid Microbial Fertilizer Application of Bacillus subtilis on Nutrient Absorption and Fruit Quality of Citrus

LIU Wenhuan, QIU Fangying, WANG Ya, CHEN Lang, MA Yanyan, LÜ Qiang, YI Shilai, XIE Rangjin, ZHENG Yongqiang*()   

  1. Citrus Research Institute,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Southwest University,National Engineering Research Center for Citrus Technology,Chongqing 400712,China
  • Received:2021-11-10 Revised:2021-11-30 Online:2022-03-25 Published:2022-03-25
  • Contact: ZHENG Yongqiang


以15年生枳橙砧纽荷尔脐橙为供试材料,以每株施用15 L清水为对照,每株施用枯草芽孢杆菌液态微生物肥原液(BSMF,有效活菌数 ≥ 2.0 × 108· mL-1)200、400、600、800和1 000 mL(稀释至15 L)。于生理落果末期(6月)和果实膨大期(8月)施用两次,分别于当年10月下旬(果实膨大末期)和12月下旬(果实成熟期)采集果实、根系、叶片、土壤样品检测分析。结果表明:施用BSMF通过促进土壤有效P、K的释放和植株对土壤中有效P、K的吸收减缓果实成熟期叶片P、K养分含量的下降,使之维持较高的适宜水平,有助于促进果实膨大提高单果质量,有利于成熟期果实降酸,从而提高果实的固酸比,风味更浓,果实出汁率也有所改善。综合考虑成本,在本试验条件下,200 mL · 株 -1的BSMF施用量可满足促进土壤有效P、K养分释放和提高柑橘根系对土壤水分、养分的吸收利用,以维持果实成熟期植株较高的P、K养分水平,并最终有助于果实增产提质。

关键词: 柑橘, 养分吸收, 果实品质, 微生物肥, 枯草芽孢杆菌


A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of application of liquid Bacillus subtilis micro-fertilizer(BSMF)on nutrient absorption,utilization and fruit quality of citrus at orchard. During two consecutive growing seasons of 2017 and 2018,each plant was applied twice in the late stage of the physiological fruit drop period(June)and fruit expansion period(August)with 200,400,600,800,and 1 000 mL of BSMF solution diluted to 15 L as treatments of BSMF200,BSMF400,BSMF600,BSMF800 and BSMF1000,respectively,and 15 L water for each plant was applied as the control. Soil, leaf,root and fruit samples were collected twice for measuring in late October and late December of the same year. The results showed that the application of BSMF can slow down the decline of P and K content in leaves at the fruit ripening stage by promoting the absorption of available P and K nutrients from soil and the release of soil available P and K,which resulted in maintaining a relatively higher nutrient appropriate level in leaf. At the same time,it not only helps to promote fruit enlargement and increase the weight of single fruit,but also helps to reduce the fruit titratable acidity and improve the solid acid ratio at the fruit mature stage,which makes the fruit bigger and the flavor better. In addition,the fruit juice yield also improved. Considering the cost comprehensively,200 mL · plant-1 of BSMF can promote the release of soil available P and K nutrients and improve the absorption and utilization of soil moisture and nutrients by citrus plants under the experimental conditions,which resulted in maintaining the higher P and K nutrient levels in the fruit ripening stage,and ultimately improving the fruit quality and yield increase.

Key words: citrus, nutrient absorption, fruit quality, micro-fertilizer, Bacillus subtilis