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李正男,张双纳,张尊平,范旭东,任 芳,胡国君,董雅凤*   

  1. 中国农业科学院果树研究所,国家落叶果树脱毒中心,辽宁兴城 125100
  • 出版日期:2018-04-25 发布日期:2018-04-25
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Analysis of the Complete Genome of Apple stem grooving virus Isolate Jilin-shaguo

LI Zhengnan,ZHANG Shuangna,ZHANG Zunping,FAN Xudong,REN Fang,HU Guojun,and DONG Yafeng*   

  1. National Center for Eliminating Viruses from Deciduous Fruit Tree,Research Institute of Pomology,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Xingcheng,Liaoning 125100,China
  • Online:2018-04-25 Published:2018-04-25


通过RT-PCR结合RACE技术扩增到苹果茎沟病毒(Apple stem grooving virus,ASGV)吉林沙果分离物(ASGV-JLSG)全长基因组(登录号:FM616381),共含有6 496个核苷酸(nt),编码两个彼此重叠的开放阅读框(Open reading frame,ORF)。ORF1(37 ~ 6 354 nt)编码1个241 kD的多聚蛋白,含有甲基转移酶(Methyltransferase)、木瓜蛋白酶(Papain-like-protease)、解旋酶(Nucleotide triphosphate-binding helicase)、RNA依赖的RNA聚合酶(RNA-dependent RNA polymerase)和C端的外壳蛋白(Coat protein,CP)等结构域。ORF2(4 788 ~ 5 750 nt)编码1个36 kD的运动蛋白(Movement protein,MP)。ASGV-JLSG分离物与GenBank公布的29个ASGV分离物全基因核苷酸序列一致性为79.20% ~ 86.60%。系统发育分析结果表明,30个ASGV分离物分成2个组,分离物间没有表现出寄主专一性和地理分布规律。重组分析发现,ASGV-JLSG分离物是苹果茎沟病毒黄花梨分离物(ASGV-HH,JN701424)和柑橘碎叶病毒满头红分离物(CTLV-MTHK,C588948)的重组体。本研究中获得的ASGV-JLSG分离物基因组是来源于中国东北地区的首个ASGV基因组序列。

关键词: 苹果, 苹果茎沟病毒, 基因组, 系统发育, 一致性, 重组


Using RT-PCR and RACE techniques,the complete genome of Apple stem grooving virus(ASGV)isolate Jilin-shaguo(JLSG)was amplified. The genome of ASGV-JLSG has 6 496 nucleotides,encoding two overlapping open reading frames(ORFs). The ORF1(position 37–6 354 nt)encodes a 241 kD polyprotein,including domains of a methyltransferase,a papain-like-protease,a nucleotide triphosphate-binding helicase,a RNA-dependent RNA polymerase,and a coat protein. ORF2(4 788– 5 750 nt)encodes a movement protein. The nucleotide identity of complete genome between ASGV-JLSG and the 29 ASGV isolates published in GenBank ranged from 79.20% to 86.60%. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that the concerned ASGV isolates can be grouped into 2 clusters,but no geographic or host association among one another. Recombination analysis suggested that ASGV-JLSG was the recombinant of ASGV-HH(JN701424)and CTLV-MTH(KC588948). This was the first reported complete genome of ASGV in Northeast China.

Key words: apple, Apple stem grooving virus, genome, phylogenetic analysis, identity, recombination