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柑橘磷酸蔗糖合酶基因 CsSPS 的鉴定和表达

魏清江,马张正,勒 思,雷常玉,马巧利,辜青青   

  1. 江西农业大学农学院,南昌 330045
  • 出版日期:2020-02-25 发布日期:2020-02-25
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Identification and Expression Analysis of Sucrose-phosphate Synthase(SPS)Genes in Citrus

WEI Qingjiang,MA Zhangzheng,LE Si,LEI Changyu,MA Qiaoli,and GU Qingqing   

  1. College of Agronomy,Jiangxi Agricultural University,Nanchang 330045,China
  • Online:2020-02-25 Published:2020-02-25

摘要: 为探索柑橘磷酸蔗糖合酶基因(sucrose-phosphate synthase,SPS)特性及其在果实发育和成熟过程中的表达,从甜橙基因组中鉴定了 4 个 SPS 基因(CsSPS1 ~ CsSPS4)。它们分布在不同染色体上,属于 3 个不同的亚家族,均含有 SPS 家族的特征功能域。定量 PCR 分析表明 4 个 CsSPS 在所检测的组织中均有表达,其中 CsSPS4 具有明显的果实特异性表达特点。进一步研究发现,CsSPS3 和 CsCSPS4 在‘融安金柑’和‘滑皮金柑’果实发育过程中的表达量高于 CsSPS1 和 CsCSPS2。此外 CsSPS4 在果皮和果肉中的表达量均随着果实发育迅速升高,推测其在金柑果实蔗糖的合成和积累中起关键作用。

关键词: 柑橘, 磷酸蔗糖合酶, 序列分析, 基因表达

Abstract: In order to explore the characteristics of citrus sucrose-phosphate synthase(SPS)genes and their expression patterns during fruit development and ripening,four SPS genes(CsSPS1–CsSPS4)were identified in sweet orange genome. CsSPSs are distributed on different chromosomes and can be classified into three subfamilies,which also contain functional domains common in SPS family. Quantitative PCR revealed that CsSPSs were expressed in all tested tissues,and CsSPS4 preferentially expressed in fruit. Further study found that the expression levels of CsSPS3 and CsCSPS4 in‘Rongan’and‘Huapi’kumquat were higher than those of CsSPS1 and CsCSPS2 during the fruit development. In addition,the expression levels of CsSPS4 in the peel and pulp of two kumquats increased sharply with fruit development,suggesting its key functions in regulating sucrose synthesis and accumulation in kumquat fruit.

Key words: citrus, sucrose-phosphate synthase, sequence analysis, gene expression