园艺学报 ›› 2009, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (3): 460-460.

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朱立武*;张水明;贾 兵;叶振风   

  1. (安徽农业大学果树学重点实验室, 合肥230036)
  • 收稿日期:2008-09-10 修回日期:2009-02-09 出版日期:2009-03-25 发布日期:2009-03-25
  • 通讯作者: 朱立武

A New Pomegranate Cultivar‘Baiyushizi’

ZHU L i-wu*, ZHANG Shui-ming, JIA Bing, and YE Zhen-feng   

  1. ( The Key Laboratory of Pom ology, Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei 230036, China)
  • Received:2008-09-10 Revised:2009-02-09 Online:2009-03-25 Published:2009-03-25
  • Contact: ZHU Li-wu

摘要: ‘白玉石籽’石榴是通过RAPD标记辅助选育出的‘三白’石榴大籽粒营养系变异新品种。
平均单果质量469.1 g, 最大单粒质量1.02 g, 可溶性固形物含量16.4% , 出汁率81.4% , 平均核硬度3.29 kg·cm -2 , 软籽。植株抗褐斑病、干腐病, 丰产, 在皖中地区9月下旬成熟。

关键词: 石榴, 软籽, 品种

Abstract: ‘Baiyushizi’is a new soft-seeded cultivar with largest arils selected from the mutant of Punica granatum‘Sanbai’by assistant of RAPD-PCR technique. The average fruit weight is 469.1 g. The largest aril is 1102 g. The soluble solids content and juice content are 16.4% and 81.4% respectively. The seed
average hardness is 3.29 kg·cm-2. It is p roductive and has high resistance to the Iythia versoniana Sau. and Cercospra punicae P. Henm. The fruitmatured in late September in the mid-area of Anhui Province.

Key words: pomegranate, soft-seeded, cultivar