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程勋辉1,2, 谢钊2, 杨中周2, 代伟2, 戴祖云1,2, 宋江华1,*()   

  1. 1安徽农业大学园艺学院,合肥 230036
    2安徽江淮园艺种业股份有限公司,合肥 230036
  • 收稿日期:2021-06-06 修回日期:2021-08-16 出版日期:2021-09-25 发布日期:2021-09-30
  • 通讯作者: 宋江华
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A New Melon Cultivar‘Jianghuaimi 7’

CHENG Xunhui1,2, XIE Zhao2, YANG Zhongzhou2, DAI Wei2, DAI Zuyun1,2, SONG Jianghua1,*()   

  1. 1College of Horticulture,Anhui Agricultural University,Hefei 230036,China
    2Anhui Jianghuai Horticulture Technology Co.,Ltd,Hefei 230036,China
  • Received:2021-06-06 Revised:2021-08-16 Online:2021-09-25 Published:2021-09-30
  • Contact: SONG Jianghua


厚皮网纹甜瓜‘江淮蜜7号’是以X-25为母本,H-3为父本杂交育成的晚熟新品种。生长势强,易坐果,第8 ~ 10节坐果为佳,果实椭圆形,成熟果灰绿色覆密网纹,果肉橙红色,肉厚3.0 cm,肉质细脆,可溶性固形物含量11% ~ 17%,平均单果质量2 kg。全生育期112 d,果实发育期38 d左右。产量40 260 ~ 45 000 kg · hm-2。耐热性较强,中抗白粉病和霜霉病。适宜在中东部地区春秋两季设施栽培。

关键词: 网纹甜瓜, 设施栽培, 品种


‘Jianghuaimi 7’is a new late maturing thick skin netted-melon cultivar which was bred from X-25 as female parent and H-3 as male parent. The cultivar has strong growth potential,oval fruit covered with gray green net. It is easy to bear fruit,especially setting in 8-10 knots. The orange red flesh is tender and crispy,3.0 cm in thickness. The soluble solids content is 11%-17%. The average fruit weight is 2 kg. The whole growth period is 112 d. The fruit development period is about 38 d. The yield is 40 260-45 000 kg · hm-2. The cultivar has strong resistance to heat and moderate resistance to powdery mildew and downy mildew. The cultivar is suitable for protected cultivation in spring and autumn in central and eastern China.

Key words: netted-melon, protected cultivation, cultivar