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姜 红,王 毅,毕 阳*   

  1. 甘肃农业大学食品科学与工程学院,兰州 730070
  • 出版日期:2019-09-25 发布日期:2019-09-25
  • 基金资助:

The Process,Mechanism and Influential Factors of Wound Healing of Potato Tubers

JIANG Hong,WANG Yi,and BI Yang*   

  1. College of Food Science and Engineering,Gansu Agricultural University,Lanzhou 730070,China
  • Online:2019-09-25 Published:2019-09-25

摘要: 马铃薯块茎的愈伤组织形成过程包括‘封闭层’和‘伤口周皮’形成两个阶段,前者是指伤口部位薄壁细胞的栓化,后者是在封闭层以下形成木栓化细胞层。封闭层作为最初的栓化屏障可抑制病原物的侵染,但块茎抵抗病原物侵染的持久性保护结构主要依赖于伤口周皮。多种代谢参与了块茎愈伤过程,其中活性氧代谢、苯丙烷代谢、脂肪酸代谢在愈伤组织的形成中发挥了重要作用。马铃薯的品种和块茎成熟度对愈伤组织形成具有显著影响,此外,温度、相对湿度、光照、O2和CO2浓度、损伤程度和化学药物等也对块茎愈伤具有重要影响。

关键词: 马铃薯, 块茎, 愈伤过程, 机制, 影响因素

Abstract: The healing process of potato tubers consists of the formation of‘closing layers’and ‘wound periderm’,the former refers to the suberization of parenchyma cells neighboring wound site,and the later refers to the suberized phellem cells beneath the closing layers. As the primary barrier of suberization,‘closing layers’inhibit the pathogen infection,however,a persistent protective structure against pathogens on wounded tubers mainly depends on‘wound periderm’. Various metabolic pathways are involved in the healing of tubers,and among them,reactive oxygen species,phenylpropanoid and fatty acid metabolism play essential roles in the formation of healing tissues. The potato cultivars and tuber maturity are main factors affecting wound healing. Additionally,temperature,relative humidity,light radiation,O2 and CO2 concentration,wounding severity,and chemicals affect the wound healing of tubers.

Key words: potato, tuber, wound healing, mechanism, influential factor