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杨 丽,孙浩元,张俊环,姜凤超,张美玲,王玉柱*   

  1. 北京市林业果树科学研究院,北京市落叶果树工程技术研究中心,北京 100093
  • 出版日期:2019-09-25 发布日期:2019-09-25
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A New Apricot Cultivar‘Jingluohong’

YANG Li,SUN Haoyuan,ZHANG Junhuan,JIANG Fengchao,ZHANG Meiling,and WANG Yuzhu*   

  1. Beijing Academy of Forestry and Pomology Sciences,Beijing Engineering Research Center for Deciduous Fruit Trees,Beijing 100093,China
  • Online:2019-09-25 Published:2019-09-25

摘要: ‘京骆红’杏由‘骆驼黄’ב红荷包’杂交选择而成。果实卵圆形,果皮底色黄,阳面着片状红色。平均单果质量65.0 g,最大果质量78.4 g。果肉细,肉质松软,纤维中等,汁多,可溶性固形物含量13.7%,可滴定酸0.94%,总糖11.29%,维生素C含量92.2 mg ? kg-1,风味甜,香气浓。离核、甜仁。极早熟,果实发育期 59 d 左右。

关键词: 杏, 极早熟, 品种

Abstract: ‘Jingluohong’is a new apricot cultivar bred from the cross‘Luotuohuang’בHonghebao’. The fruit is oval-shaped with the ground color of yellow and some flush in the surface. The average fruit weight is 65.0 g,and the maximum is 78.4 g. The flesh is soft with medium amount of juice and fiber. The soluble solids,titratable acidity and total sugar content account for 13.7%,0.94% and 11.29%,respectively. The vitamin C content is 92.2 mg ? kg-1. The flavour is sweet with strong aroma. It is freestone with sweet kernel and early maturing. The fruit development period is about 59 d.

Key words: apricot, early maturing, cultivar