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  1. 中国农业科学院特产研究所,长春 130122
  • 出版日期:2015-07-25 发布日期:2015-07-25
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Image Changes in Chlorophyll Fluorescence of Vitis amurensis in Response to Downy Mildew

XU Pei-Lei, FAN Shu-Tian, LIU Ying-Xue, QIN Hong-Yan, YANG Yi-Ming, ZHANG Qing-Tian, ZHAO Ying, LI Xiao-Yan, LI Xiao-Hong, AI Jun   

  1. Institute of Special Wild Economic Animal and Plant Science,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Changchun 130122,China
  • Online:2015-07-25 Published:2015-07-25

摘要: 以抗霜霉病的‘左山一’和易感病的‘双丰’山葡萄(Vitis amurensis Rupr.)为试材,离体叶片接种霜霉病菌后观察叶绿素荧光成像及参数变化。结果显示:叶绿素荧光成像系统可在接种霜霉病菌3 d时观察到病斑;霜霉病侵染叶片组织会显著改变叶绿素荧光参数;接种7 d时病斑与不接种对照相比,抗病品种‘左山一’Fv/Fm、ФPSⅡ、Y(NPQ)与Y(NO)的变化幅度(–73.42%、–100%、–49.64%、+ 3285.21%)均大于易感病品种‘双丰’的变化幅度(–22.98%、–28.17%、+ 5.62%、+ 26.18%),‘左山一’病斑周围组织的ФPSⅡ与rETR高于对照,而‘双丰’低于对照。由此可见,‘左山一’能够较早形成枯斑,快速改变病斑处的荧光参数,并提高病斑周围组织的ФPSⅡ与rETR值,从而增强对霜霉病的抗病性。因此,病斑周围组织的ФPSⅡ与rETR可以作为初步筛选山葡萄抗霜霉病种质的指标。

关键词: 山葡萄, 霜霉病, 叶绿素荧光成像

Abstract: In order to elucidate one mechanism underlying plant resistance to downy mildew(DM)disease,Vitis amurensis‘Zuoshanyi’(a DM-tolerant cultivar)and‘Shuangfeng’(a DM-susceptible cultivar)were inoculated with Plasmopara viticola,and chlorophyll fluorescence IMAGING-PAM was used to analyze the photosynthetic changes in leaves. After 3 days of inoculation,spot lesions caused by DM were observed,and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters were significantly altered in the infected leaf tissues. In the leaf spots by 7 days of inoculation,the amplitudes of Fv/Fm,ФPSII,Y(NPQ),and Y(NO)changes were higher in Zuoshanyi(–73.42%,–100%,–49.64%,+ 285.21%,respectively)than in Shuangfeng(–22.98%,–28.17%,+ 5.62%,+ 26.18%,respectively). Compared to the control leaves,ФPSIIand rETR in tissues surrounding the infection sites were higher in Zuoshanyi but lower in Shuangfeng. Therefore,withered spots period of Zuoshanyi was earlier than Shuangfeng,which lead to fluorescence parameters in withered spots changed rapidly,at the same time,ФPSII and rETR of the surrounding tissues of infected sites in Zuoshanyi was higher than in Shuangfeng,which enhanced the ability of DM inhabitation. ФPSII and rETR might be used as an indicator to screen DM-resistant cultivars of V. amurensis.

Key words: Vitis amurensis, downy mildew, chlorophyll fluorescence imaging