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王佳淇,何莹钰,韦晓桐,李永强,杨 莉,陈文荣,廖芳蕾*,郭卫东*   

  1. 浙江师范大学化学与生命科学学院,浙江省特色经济植物生物技术研究重点实验室,浙江金华 321000
  • 出版日期:2020-06-25 发布日期:2020-06-25
  • 基金资助:

Effects of LED Supplemental Light on the Growth and Development of Blueberry in Greenhouse

WANG Jiaqi,HE Yingyu,WEI Xiaotong,LI Yongqiang,YANG Li,CHEN Wenrong,LIAO Fanglei*,and GUO Weidong*   

  1. Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Biotechnology on Specialty Economic Plants,College of Chemistry and Life Sciences,Zhejiang Normal University,Jinhua,Zhejiang 321000,China
  • Online:2020-06-25 Published:2020-06-25

摘要: 以2年生南高丛越橘‘Emerald’为材料,以大棚内自然光作为对照,研究LED光源的红蓝光(3︰1和6︰1)、紫外光(UVA)对植株长势、叶片光合作用、碳氮代谢、开花基因表达及开花率、果实品质的影响。结果表明:红蓝光组合处理下‘Emerald’的植株营养生长较旺盛,株高、1年生枝条长度和粗度显著高于对照。此外,红蓝光(6︰1)处理下叶片的叶绿素相对含量、比叶重和净光合速率均显著提高。红蓝光组合也可诱导植株开花,开花基因FT表达量和开花率明显高于对照。紫外光下叶片的氮含量、开花率及FT基因表达量显著高于对照。不同光质组合补光对‘Emerald’的果实品质有显著影响,红蓝光(3︰1)处理下果实的质量、横纵径、可溶性固形物、可溶性糖、花青素含量和糖酸比均高于对照。总之,不同光质补光会促进越橘‘Emerald’的生长发育,红蓝光6︰1组合对促进营养生长作用相对较大,红蓝光3︰1组合对提高果实品质效果较好。紫外光虽能改变植株形态和促进开花,但果实品质提高效果较红蓝光处理稍弱。

关键词: 越橘, LED补光组合, 生长势, 光合作用, 开花率, 果实品质

Abstract: The two-year-old southern highbush blueberry cultivar‘Emerald’were used to study the effect of LED supplemental light in greenhouse. Selecting the natural light as the control,we evaluated the plant growth situation,photosynthesis,carbon and nitrogen metabolism,the expression of flowering control genes,flowering rate and fruit quality under LED supplemental light of the red/blue light(3︰1 and 6︰1),ultraviolet A(UVA). The results showed the red/blue light treatment was beneficial for the vigorous vegetative growth of‘Emerald’,which could increase the plant height,the length and diameter of annual branches. Meanwhile,the leaf chlorophyll relative content,specific leaf weight and net photosynthetic rate were significantly improved by red/blue(6︰1)treatment. In addition,the expression of flowering gene FT and flowering rate were remarkably higher than those of the control,indicating the red/blue light induced flowering earlier. The nitrogen contents of leaves,the flowering rate and the expression of FT gene under UVA light were higher than those of the control. Moreover,the red/blue(3︰1)treatment raised the fruit quality of‘Emerald’,characterized by a heavier fruit weight,the increase in the transverse and longitudinal diameter,the content of soluble solids,soluble sugar,anthocyanin and the sugar acid ratio. In summary,the application of different LED supplemental light can promote the growth and development of the blueberry‘Emerald’,because the red/blue(6︰1)treatment works better on the vegetative growth while the red/blue(3︰1)treatment improves because the fruit quality. Although the UVA treatment can change plant morphology and accelerate flowering,its effect on fruit quality was slightly weaker than that of the red/blue light treatment.

Key words: Vaccinium corymbosum, LED complementary light combination, growth potential, photosynthesis, flowering rate, fruit quality