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添长久,叶泗洪*,刘 飞   

  1. 安徽省农业科学院棉花研究所,合肥 230001
  • 出版日期:2020-07-25 发布日期:2020-07-25
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A New Okra Cultivar‘Wanqiukui 1’

TIAN Changjiu,YE Sihong*,and LIU Fei   

  1. Cotton Research Institute,Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Hefei 230001,China
  • Online:2020-07-25 Published:2020-07-25

摘要: ‘皖秋葵1号’是利用系谱选育法从安徽省安庆地方黄秋葵品种中选出的新品种。5 ~ 6叶始花,鲜果采摘期120 d左右;鲜果长12 ~ 16 cm,果粗16 ~ 20 mm,嫩果棱数5,平均单果质量13.5 g,嫩果细腻,口感鲜美,品质优良。单株蒴果39.5个,鲜果产量35 ~ 40 t ? hm-2。耐高温,抗倒伏性强,适应性广,适合安徽省各地推广和种植。

关键词: 黄秋葵, 品种

Abstract: ‘Wanqiukui 1’is a new cultivar selected from Anqing local okra by pedigree selection. When the plant has 5–6 leaves,it starts to blossom,and the fresh fruit picking period is about 120 d;The length of fresh fruit is 12–16 cm,the thickness of fruit is 16–20 mm,the number of edges of young fruit is 5,the average weight of single fruit is 13.5 g,the tender fruit is delicate,the taste is delicious,and the quality is excellent. There are 39.5 capsules per plant,and the fresh fruit yield is 35–40 t ? hm-2. The plant has high temperature resistance,strong lodging resistance and wide adaptability,which is suitable for promotion and planting in Anhui Province.

Key words: okra, cultivar