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  1. 1河南农业大学园艺学院,郑州 450002;2河南科技大学林学院,河南洛阳 471003
  • 出版日期:2015-10-25 发布日期:2015-10-25
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A New Seedless Watermelon Cultivar‘Xinshengdai 3’

SUN Shou-ru1,MA Chang-sheng1,ZHANG Ju-ping2,*,HU Jian-bin1,and JIA Zhi-qi1   

  1. 1Horticulture College,Henan Agricultural University,Zhengzhou 450002,China;2College of Forestry,Henan University of Science and Technology,Luoyang,Henan 471003,China
  • Online:2015-10-25 Published:2015-10-25


:‘新生代3号’是以‘TS-3’四倍体西瓜为母本,‘Q-7-5’二倍体西瓜为父本杂交育成的三倍体西瓜新品种。植株生长稳健,叶片大小中等,易坐瓜。果实圆形,果皮浓黑发亮,果皮厚1.2 cm,果肉红色,质细而酥脆,中心糖12.2%,风味好,白秕籽少、小,品质优。中熟,果实发育期33 ~ 35 d。平均单瓜质量7.0 kg,产量40 ~ 50 t · hm-2。耐贮运。全国各地均可栽培。

关键词: 西瓜, 无籽, 中熟, 品种


‘Xinshengdai 3’is a new middle-maturing triploid seedless watermelon by crossing tetraploid line‘TS-3’as female parent with diploid line‘Q-7-5’as male parent. The fruit is round with black skin. The flesh is red with small seed traces,fine texture,crisp and sweet flavor. The center soluble solids content is over 12.2%. It has mid-maturity. The whole growth period is about 100 days from sowing. It set fruit easily. The average fruit weight is about 7.0 kg,and the yield is 40–50 t · hm-2. The cultivar has good adaptability and it is suitable for long distance shipping.

Key words: watermelon, seedless, mid-maturing, cultivar