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葛晓光;张恩平;高 慧;张 昕;王晓雪

  1. (沈阳农业大学园艺学院,沈阳110161)
  • 收稿日期:2003-08-14 修回日期:2003-11-10 出版日期:2004-04-25 发布日期:2004-04-25

Studies on Changes of Field—Vegetable Ecosystem under Long-term FixedFertilizer Experiment(II) Changes of Physical and Chemical Nature of Vegetable Soil

Ge Xiaoguang;Zhang Enping;Gao Hui;Zhang Xin; Wang Xiaoxue

  1. (College of Horticulture,Shengyang Agricultural University,Shenyang 110161,China)
  • Received:2003-08-14 Revised:2003-11-10 Online:2004-04-25 Published:2004-04-25

摘要: 随着土壤有机质含量的提高,大约占土壤全氮含量95% 的可矿化氮量也随之增加,土壤供氮

关键词: 蔬菜, 定位施肥, 设施栽培, 土壤, 理化性质

Abstract: With the increase of soil organic matter,the mineralizable nitrogen,which is about 95 percent of soil total nitrogen,Was also increased,thus soil can provide more nitrogen.In the treatments with application of nitrogen alone or combination with phosphorous an d potassium,it Was dificult for the N sink to be enlarged,SO the available nitrogen Was decreased quickly.Long-term fertilization trial in protected field showed that the soil was rich in total phosphorus an d lack of potassium.Excessive and long-term application of inorganic nitrogen alone accelerated the progress of soil acidization, decreased the exchangeable bases and their proportion was in disorder.Such problems can be prevented by application of organic matter,protected cultivation and comb ination tll phosphorus an d potassium.Soil physical degradation was a long-term progress from quantity change to quality change and it Was destructive to soil productivity.

Key words: Long-term fixed fertilization, Protected vegetable cultivation, Soil mineral nutrients, Soil acidization, Soil exchangeable base