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储转南,李卫文*,董 玲,彭星星,崔广胜,唐茂贵,章庆华,沈文生,赵 伟,熊 瑞,韩 飘,吴季秋,李玉龙,杨月英,张启岭   

  1. 安徽省农业科学院园艺研究所,合肥 230031
  • 出版日期:2022-11-26 发布日期:2022-12-07
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A New Chrysanthemum morifolium Cultivar‘Gongju 1’

CHU Zhuannan,LI Weiwen*,DONG Ling,PENG Xingxing,CUI Guangsheng,TANG Maogui,ZHANG Qinghua,SHEN Wensheng,ZHAO Wei,XIONG Rui,HAN Piao,WU Jiqiu,LI Yulong,YANG Yueying,and ZHANG Qiling   

  1. Institute of Horticulture,Anhui Academey of Agricultural Sciences,Hefei 230031,China
  • Online:2022-11-26 Published:2022-12-07

摘要: ‘贡菊1号’是以系统选育法从传统贡菊(Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.)群体中选出的早花、高产、优质且抗性好新品种。植株高大且茎秆粗壮。花期早,头状花序直径4.03 cm,由舌状花组成,内缘舌状花为淡黄色,外缘为白色,管状花极少。平均单株花序数量263,平均单株鲜花产量143.77 g。干花中绿原酸含量0.60%,木樨草苷含量0.408%,3,5-O–二咖啡酰基奎宁酸1.49%。

关键词: 贡菊, 系统选育, 品种

Abstract: ‘Gongju 1’was selected from the Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat. by mass selection. The cultivar is a new cultivar with early flowering,high yield,high quality and good resistance. The whole plant is tall and strong. The flower peroid is very early. The flower diameter is about 4.03 cm. The inner ligulate flowers are pale yellow,while the outer ray florets indicate white. The flower shows extremely few,and without flower center. The average number of inflorescences per plant is 263,and the average fresh weight of flowers per plant is 143.77 g. The contents of chlorogenic acid,luteolin and 3,5-O-dicaffeoylquinic acid in dried flowers are 0.60%,0.408% and 1.49%,respectively.

Key words: Chrysanthemum morifolium, mass selection, cultivar