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唐 贵1,*,隋冬华1,吴立仁2,武新娟1,张冬雪1,高佳缘1,张 磊1,王 腾1,张 哲1,周春薇1,王 琳3,李东明3   

  1. 1黑龙江省农业科学院乡村振兴科技研究所,哈尔滨 150028;2黑龙江省农业科学院经济作物研究所,哈尔滨 150086;3绥棱县气象局,黑龙江绥棱 152200
  • 出版日期:2022-11-26 发布日期:2022-12-06
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A New Waxy Maize Cultivar‘Suinuo 1’

TANG Gui1,*,SUI Donghua1,WU Liren2,WU Xinjuan1,ZHANG Dongxue1,GAO Jiayuan1,ZHANG Lei1,WANG Teng1,ZHANG Zhe1,ZHOU Chunwei1,WANG Lin3,and LI Dongming3   

  1. 1Institute of Rural Revitalization Science and Technology,Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Harbin 150028,China;2Institute of Economic Crops,Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Harbin 150086,China;3Suiling County Meteorological Bureau,Suiling,Heilongjiang 152200,China
  • Online:2022-11-26 Published:2022-12-06

摘要: ‘绥糯1’是以自选自交系SLN1为母本,糯2为父本组配而成的鲜食糯玉米新品种。株高229.5 cm,穗位高103.2 cm,成株可见14片叶。果穗锥形,穗轴白色,穗长18.1 cm,穗粗5.0 cm,穗行数14 ~ 16行,籽粒糯质型、黄色,百粒质量39.1 g。平均产量14 853 kg • hm-2,比对照增产5.04%。适口性好,果穗大小均匀,抗病和抗倒伏性强,适应性广,鲜果穗收获后秸秆可作青贮。适宜在黑龙江省第1至第3积温带 ≥ 10 ℃活动积温2 300 ℃以上区域作为鲜食玉米种植。

关键词: 糯玉米, 鲜食, 品种

Abstract: ‘Suinuo 1’is a new fresh waxy maize cultivar bred by crossing self-selected inbred line SLN1 as female parent and Nuo 2 as male parent. The plant height is 229.5 cm,the ear height is 103.2 cm,and the number of adult leaves is 14. The panicle is conical,and the cob is white. The ear length is 18.1 cm,and the ear diameter is 5.0 cm. The row number of ear is 14–16. The grain is waxy and yellow,and the hundred grain weight is 39.1. The yield is 14 853 kg • hm-2,5.04% higher than that of the control. It has good palatability,uniform ear,strong disease resistance and lodging resistance,and wide adaptability. The straw remaining after harvesting fresh ears can be used as silage. And it is suitable to be planted as fresh corn in the first to third accumulated temperature zones ≥ 10 ℃ and the active accumulated temperature above 2 300 ℃ in Heilongjiang Province.

Key words: waxy maize, fresh, cultivar