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郭 燕,张树航,李 颖,张馨方,王广鹏*   

  1. 河北省农林科学院昌黎果树研究所,河北昌黎 066600
  • 出版日期:2020-06-25 发布日期:2020-06-25
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Studies on the Leaf Morphology,Anatomical Structure and Drought Resistance Evaluation of 238 Chinese Chestnut Varieties(Strains)

GUO Yan,ZHANG Shuhang,LI Ying,ZHANG Xinfang,and WANG Guangpeng*   

  1. Changli Institute of Pomology,Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Changli,Hebei 066600,China
  • Online:2020-06-25 Published:2020-06-25

摘要: 采用多功能图像分析法、冷冻切片法和指甲油印记法,对238份板栗品种(系)叶片的形态、解剖结构及气孔特征进行了观察测量,运用变异系数、主成分分析对33项指标进行了筛选,后运用隶属函数法进行抗旱性综合评价。结果表明:(1)238份板栗品种(系)33项指标中除上表皮角质层厚度、上表皮细胞宽度、第一层栅栏组织细胞密度、第一层栅栏组织细胞宽、下表皮细胞宽度和下表皮角质层厚等6项指标的变异系数小于10%,各品种系(间)差异较小外,其余27项指标的变异系数均大于10%,在各品种(系)间差异较大;经主成分分析从27项指标中筛选出10项作为238份板栗品种(系)抗旱性综合评价的典型指标。(2)利用隶属函数分析将238份品种(系)划分为4类:第Ⅰ类包括31个品种(系),平均隶属值为0.60 ~ 0.80,抗旱性极强;第Ⅱ类包括48个品种(系),平均隶属值为0.50 ~ 0.59,抗旱性强;第Ⅲ类包括84个品种(系),平均隶属值为0.30 ~ 0.49,抗旱性中;第Ⅳ类包括75个品种(系),平均隶属值为0.20 ~ 0.29,抗旱性弱。

关键词: 板栗, 叶片形态, 解剖结构, 气孔特征, 隶属函数法, 种质, 抗旱性评价

Abstract: Morphological,anatomical structure and stomatal characteristics of the leaves of 238 Chinese chestnut varieties(stains)were observed and measured by multi-function image analysis,frozen sectioning and nail oil seal methods in this experiment. Total number of 33 indexes were screened for drought resistant evalution via coefficient of variation,principal component analysis and the subordinate function method. Firstly,the cuticle thickness of upper epidermis,the variation coefficient of the width of upper epidermis cell,the first layer of palisade tissue cell density,the first layer of palisade tissue cell width,the width of lower epidermis and the cuticle thickness of lower epidermis cell among these 33 indicators were all less than 10%,and appeared the small difference among those 238 varieties(strains). The variation coefficients of the other 27 indexes were all greater than 10%,and the differences among varieties(strains)were large too. Through principal component analysis,10 indexes were selected from the 27 indexes as representative indexes for comprehensive evaluation of drought resistance of Chinese chestnut varieties or strain. Secondly,those 238 varieties(strains)were divided into 4 groups by using analysis of the average membership value:the first group consists of 31 varieties(strains)with extremely strong drought resistance,the average membership value ranging from 0.60 to 0.80;the second group including 48 varieties(strains)with strong drought resistance,ranging from 0.50 to 0.59;the third group consists of 84 varieties(strains)with medium drought resistance,ranging from 0.30 to 0.49;the fourth group consists of 75 varieties(strains)with weak drought resistance,ranging from 0.20 to 0.29.

Key words: chestnut, leaf morphology, anatomical structure, stoma characteristic, the subordinate function method, germplasm, drought resistance evaluation