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马  宏,李正红*,万友名,刘秀贤   

  1. (中国林业科学研究院资源昆虫研究所,昆明 650224)
  • 出版日期:2013-06-25 发布日期:2013-06-25

A New Musella lasiocarpa Cultivar‘Foyue Jinlian’

MA Hong,LI Zheng-hong*,WAN You-ming,and LIU Xiu-xian   

  1. (Research Institute of Resource Insects,Chinese Academy of Forestry,Kunming 650224,China)
  • Online:2013-06-25 Published:2013-06-25

摘要: 地涌金莲新品种‘佛悦金莲’是从野生种群的天然变异植株中选育而来。具叶鞘联合形成的假茎;株形紧凑,株高(127.7 ± 18.1)cm;叶片卵圆形,叶形指数1.86 ~ 1.97,叶片羽状,侧脉凸出明显,中脉背腹面均为红色至红紫色;苞片卵状三角形,腹面橙色,背面橙红色;栽培适应性强。

关键词: 地涌金莲, 品种

Abstract: ‘Foyue Jinlian’is a new cultivar which is selected and bred from the natural variant plants of Musella lasiocarpa(Franch.)C. Y. Wu ex H. W. Li. The cultivar is tufted perennial herb with persistent leaf-sheaths and compact in plant type. The average height of the plants is(127.7 ± 18.1)cm. Its leaf is ovate in shape with leaf index ranging from 1.86–1.97. The midrib of leaf is red to red-purple on both surfaces,pinnate veins distinct along midrib. The bract is triangle-ovate in shape whose color is orange on adaxial surface and orange-red on abaxial surface. The cultivar has great ornamental value,strong growing vigor and high complex resistance to main disease. It is suitable to be cultivated for domestic decoration and landscape designment widely.

Key words: Musella lasiocarpa, cultivar