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方 明1,2,姚方杰1,2,*,王晓娥1,2,陈 影1,2,张志伟1,任洋洋1   

  1. (1吉林农业大学园艺学院,长春 130118;2吉林农业大学食药用菌教育部工程研究中心,长春 130118)
  • 收稿日期:2012-12-09 出版日期:2013-06-25 发布日期:2013-06-25

A New Auricularia auricula-judae Cultivar‘Jihei 2’

FANG Ming1,2,YAO Fang-jie1,2,*,WANG Xiao-e1,2,CHEN Ying1,2,ZHANG Zhi-wei1,and Ren Yang-yang1   

  1. (1College of Horticulture,Jilin Agricultural University,Changchun 130118,China;2Engineering Research Center of Chinese Ministry of Education for Edible and Medicinal Fungi,Changchun 130118,China)
  • Received:2012-12-09 Online:2013-06-25 Published:2013-06-25

摘要: 木耳新品种‘吉黑2号’是用从大兴安岭采集的野生木耳菌株与地方品种“单—单”杂交,再经系统选育而成,从接种到采收115 ~ 125 d,子实体单片簇生,黑色,单个耳片直径3.5 ~ 6.3 cm,厚0.12 ~ 0.14 cm,“小孔”栽培单片耳率比对照‘延特5号’高27.8%,产量为每100 kg干料产鲜耳80.9 kg。

关键词: 木耳, 中熟, 品种

Abstract: ‘Jihei 2’is a new cultivar of edible mushroom Auricularia auricula-judae oriented from the“mon–mon”hybridization between a wild strain collected from Yuejin Forestry Centre of Jagdaqi and a landrace,then systematic breeding. 115–125 days are required from inoculation to harvest,the fruit body is fascicled of single auricle with dark color. The diameter of a single auricle is from 3.5 cm to 6.3 cm. The thickness is from 0.12 cm to 0.14 cm. The rate of single auricle is 27.8% higher than the control. The average yield is 80.9 kg every 100 kg fresh compost.

Key words: Auricularia auricula-judae, medium maturing, cultivar