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  1. (辽宁省果树科学研究所, 辽宁熊岳115009)
  • 收稿日期:2009-06-26 修回日期:2009-08-31 出版日期:2009-10-25 发布日期:2009-10-25
  • 通讯作者: 伊凯

A New Middle-late Ripening Apple Cultivar ‘Yueyanghong’

LIU Zhi;WANG Dong-mei;ZHANG Jing-e;YI Kai*; YANG Feng, YAN Zhong-ye, LüTian-xing   

  1. (Liaoning Research Institute of Pomology, Xiongyue, Liaoning 115009, China)
  • Received:2009-06-26 Revised:2009-08-31 Online:2009-10-25 Published:2009-10-25
  • Contact: YI Kai

摘要: ‘岳阳红’苹果新品种是以‘富士’ ב东光’杂交选育而成。果实近圆形, 果形指数0.85, 平均单果质量205 g。果皮底色黄绿, 全面着鲜红色。果肉淡黄色, 肉质松脆、中粗, 汁液多, 风味甜酸爽口, 微香, 无异味。果实硬度10.1 kg·cm- 2 , 可溶性固形物含量15.2% , 总糖含量12.52% , 可滴定酸含量0.50% , 维生素C含量0.0535 mg·g- 1。具有外观美, 风味浓, 品质优及早果性、丰产性强等特点。

关键词: 品种, 苹果

Abstract: 'Yueyanghong’ is a new middle-late ripening app le hybrid selected from‘Fuji’ בDongguang’. Its fruit shape is round, shape index is 0.85, average fruitweight is 205 g. The fruit skin has a yellowish green ground color covered with bright red. The flesh is crisp, juicy, sour-sweet, palatable, aromatic and normal taste, with a firmness of 10.1 kg·cm- 2 , containing a soluble solids content of 15.2% , titratable acidity of 0.50% , total sugar of 12.52% , vitamin C of 0.0535 mg·g- 1. The main characteristics are the balanced taste, the excellent colouration, early-bearing and high production

Key words: apple, cultivar