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蔚玉红1,卢小露1,黄 昀1,马英华2,*,樊静华1,田甲玺1   

  1. 1上海市嘉定区农业技术推广服务中心,上海 201800;2上海市农业技术推广服务中心,上海 201100
  • 出版日期:2022-11-26 发布日期:2022-12-06
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A New Netted Muskmelon Cultivar‘Huami 303’

WEI Yuhong1,LU Xiaolu1,HUANG Yun1,MA Yinghua2,*,FAN Jinghua1,and TIAN Jiaxi1   

  1. 1Jiading District of Shanghai Agricultural Techonogy Extension Service Center,Shanghai 201800,China;2Shanghai Agricultural Techonogy Extension Service Center,Shanghai 201100,China
  • Online:2022-11-26 Published:2022-12-06

摘要: ‘华蜜303’是中熟网纹甜瓜杂交一代新品种。果实圆球形,果皮绿色,网纹中粗,易形成,单瓜质量1.5 ~ 2.5 kg,果肉淡绿色,肉厚4.3 cm,松软多汁,口感好,中心可溶性固形物含量16.0% ~ 17.5%。全生育期110 ~ 115 d,果实发育期50 ~ 52 d。平均产量28 000 ~ 30 000 kg • hm-2。适合上海及周边地区春秋保护地栽培。

关键词: 网纹甜瓜, 优质, 品种

Abstract: ‘Huami 303’is a new mid-maturing netted muskmelon cultivar. The fruit is round with green peel. The medium netty streaks is formed easily. The average weight of single fruit is 1.5–2.5 kg. The light green flesh is soft and juicy with 4.3 cm in thickness,and its texture is tasty. The central soluble solids content is 16.0%–17.5%. The whole growth period is 110–115 d,and the fruit development period is 50–52 d. The average yield is about 28 000–30 000 kg • hm-2. It is suitable for protected cultivation in Shanghai and surrounding areas in spring and autumn.

Key words: netted muskmelon, good quality, cultivar