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王丽丽1,*,王 鑫1,吴海东1,温 蔷2,杨晓飞3   

  1. 1辽宁省农业科学院蔬菜研究所,沈阳 110161;2盖州市农业服务中心,辽宁盖州 115200;3瓦房店市农业农村发展服务中心,辽宁瓦房店 116300
  • 出版日期:2022-11-26 发布日期:2022-12-06
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A New Chinese Cabbage Cultivar‘Liaobai 28’with Resistance to Clubroot Disease

WANG Lili1,*,WANG Xin1,WU Haidong1,WEN Qiang2,and Yang Xiaofei3   

  1. 1Department of Horticulture,Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Shenyang 110161,China;2Gaizhou Agricultural Service Center,Gaizhou,Liaoning 115200,China;3Wafangdian Agricultural and Rural Development Service Centre,Wafangdian,Liaoning 116300,China
  • Online:2022-11-26 Published:2022-12-06

摘要: 抗根肿病大白菜‘辽白28’是由抗根肿病雄性不育系1A和抗根肿病高代自交系S-1-2-3配制而成的中熟一代杂种。植株直立,株高40 cm,开展度60 cm。外叶深绿色,叶柄绿色,叶球合抱、炮弹形,平均球高27 cm,球宽17 cm,单球净菜质量2.5 kg左右,净菜产量97.5 t • hm-2左右。生育期75 d。高抗根肿病兼抗病毒病、霜霉病、黑腐病、干烧心等病害,生育期75 d左右,在辽宁、山东、河南、吉林、黑龙江等地均可种植。

关键词: 大白菜, 根肿病, 抗性, 品种

Abstract: ‘Liaobai 28’is a new Chinese cabbage F1 hybrid with resistance to clubroot disease developed by crossing male sterile line 1A with self-incompatible line S-1-2-3 with resistance to clubroot disease. Its plant type is erect,and the plant is about 40 cm in height and 60 cm in width with dark green outer-leaves and green petiole. Its head is of shell shape and entangled with about 27 cm in height and 17 cm in diameter. The average head weight is about 2.5 kg,and the yield is about 97 500 kg • hm-2. It takes 75 d from sowing to harvest. It’s highly resistant to clubroot disease,TuMV,downy mildew,black rot and dry burn. It is suitable to be cultivated in Liaoning,Shandong,Henan,Jilin and Heilongjiang.

Key words: Chinese cabbage, clubroot disease, resistance, cultivar