园艺学报 ›› 2022, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (S2): 259-260.doi: 10.16420/j.issn.0513-353x.2022-0688

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高志红*,倪照君,侍 婷,韩 键,章 镇   

  1. 南京农业大学园艺学院,南京 210095
  • 出版日期:2022-11-26 发布日期:2022-12-07

A Novel Cultivar of Prunus mume‘Nannong Fengyu’for Ornamental Value and Fruit Production

GAO Zhihong*,NI Zhaojun,SHI Ting,HAN Jian,and ZHANG Zhen   

  1. College of Horticulture,Nanjing Agricultural University,Nanjing 210095,China
  • Online:2022-11-26 Published:2022-12-07

摘要: ‘南农丰羽’为杂交育种选育的花果兼用型梅新品种。树姿半开张,树势较强;叶片椭圆形,叶尖尾尖;花朵碟形,花瓣5瓣,浅粉红色略带粉色丝状;果实长椭圆形,果皮底色呈黄绿色,果实表面着红色,品质优良。花、果均具有观赏价值。抗病性强,适用于江苏、浙江和安徽等地区种植。

关键词: 梅, 花果兼用, 品种

Abstract: The Prunus mume cultivar,‘Nannong Fengyu’is a novel cultivar both for ornamental value and fruit production with cross breeding. The tree is half-open and more vigorous. The shape of leaf blade is oval and the leaf apex is acute. The corolla of the flower is dish-shaped with five petals. The color of the petal is light pink with pinkish stripe. The shape of fruit is long elliptic with high quality and the color of fruit skin is red with yellow-green background. Both the flowers and fruits possess ornamental value. The plants are disease resistant and this cultivar is adaptable in Jiangsu,Zhejiang and Anhui regions.

Key words: Prunus mume, ornamental value and fruit production, cultivar