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  1. (1天津科润农业科技股份有限公司黄瓜研究所,蔬菜种质创新国家重点实验室,天津 300192;2天津市农业科学院黄瓜研究所,天津 300192)
  • 出版日期:2022-08-25 发布日期:2022-08-18

A New Cucumber Cultivar of North China Type‘Jinyou 355’

ZHANG Lidong1,HUANG Hongyu1,KONG Weiliang1,LI Jiawang1,and LI Yuhe2,*   

  1. (1State Key Laboratory of Vegetable Germplasm Innovation,Tianjin Kernel Cucumber Research Institute,Tianjin 300192,China;2Institute of Cucumber Research,Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Tianjin 300192,China)
  • Online:2022-08-25 Published:2022-08-18

摘要: ‘津优355’是以X8-51为母本,自交系G35-5-2-7为父本配制育成的华北型黄瓜新品种。植株生长势强,长34 cm,平均单瓜质量200 g,瓜色深绿,密刺,瓜肉脆嫩、微甜。早熟性突出,耐低温,丰产性强,平均总产量达91.04 t • hm-2。适宜河北、河南和山东等相似生态区温室栽培。

关键词: 黄瓜, 华北型, 品种

Abstract: The new cucumber cultivar‘Jinyou 355’is a hybrid of North China type,which was developed by crossing X8-51 as female parent with G35-5-2-7 as male parent. This hybrid grows vigorously with early maturity,high yield and strong ability on cold tolerance. Its fruit is about 34 cm in length with dark-green color and dense spines. The average fruit weight is about 200 g. The cucumber is crisp,tender,with sweet flavor and good quality. It is tolerate to low temperature. The average yield of which can reach up to 91 040 kg • hm-2. It is suitable for greenhouse cultivation in Hebei,Henan,Shandong and other areas with similar climate.

Key words: cucumber, North China type, cultivar