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王明秋*,孟 川*,牟金贵,王玉海,刘学岷,陈占良,刘晓东**   

  1. (河北省农林科学院经济作物研究所/河北省蔬菜工程技术中心,石家庄 050051)
  • 出版日期:2021-11-30 发布日期:2021-12-10

A New Chinese Cabbage Cultivar‘Jibai 6’with Disease Resistance

WANG Mingqiu*,MENG Chuan*,MU Jingui,WANG Yuhai,LIU Xuemin,CHEN Zhanliang,and LIU Xiaodong**   

  1. (Institute of Cash Crops of Hebei Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences/Hebei Vegetable Engineering Technology Centre,Shijiazhuang 050051,China)
  • Online:2021-11-30 Published:2021-12-10

摘要: 大白菜新品种‘冀白6号’是由12 ~ 15和12 ~ 28两个高代自交不亲和系杂交而成的杂种一代。生育期75 d。株形直立,球顶部舒心,平均株高44.3 cm,开展度54.3 cm × 54.0 cm,叶色深绿、帮绿色。叶球长筒型,平均球高41.3 cm 、叶球直径15.3 cm,单球质量2.2 kg,净菜率81.0%,净菜产量138 000 kg • hm-2。高抗TuMV、黑腐病及软腐病。适宜在冀中南地区及相似气候环境地区栽培种植。

关键词: 大白菜, 高抗, 杂交一代, 品种

Abstract: ‘Jibai 6’is a new Chinese cabbage hybrid derived from two self-incompatible lines of 12–15 and 12–28 generations. Its growth period is 75 days. Plant type is upright,ball top is spreading,and its average height is 44.3 cm,spreading degree is 54.3 cm × 54.0 cm. Its leaves are dark green,outer leaves are green. Its leaf head is long tube type,average ball height is 41.3 cm,leaf ball diameter is 15.3 cm,single ball weight is 2.2 kg,net vegetable rate is 81.0%,net vegetable yield is 138 000 kg • hm-2. It is high resistant to TuMV,black rot disease and soft rot disease. The variety is suitable for cultivation in central-south region of Hebei Province and other areas of similar climatic environment.

Key words: Chinese cabbage, high resistance, F1, cultivar