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邵贵荣*,朱 彬,林 晓,曹 萍,方 勇,崔 田,蒋 鹏,林咏铭,林 魁,林志滔   

  1. (福建金品农业科技股份有限公司,福州 350100)
  • 出版日期:2022-08-25 发布日期:2022-08-18

A New Pakchoi Cultivar‘Jinpin 008’

SHAO Guirong*,ZHU Bin,LIN Xiao,CAO Ping,FANG Yong,CUI Tian,JIANG Peng,LIN Yongming,LIN Kui,and LIN Zhitao   

  1. (Fujian Jinpin Agricultural Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.,Fuzhou 350100,China)
  • Online:2022-08-25 Published:2022-08-18

摘要: 白菜‘金品008’是由PQ310542和PQ310241两个高代自交不亲和系杂交而成的一代杂种。株形直立,叶绿色、长椭圆形,叶面光滑,叶柄绿色、较窄、较长,胚轴较长。适合作鸡毛菜生产。生长速度快,夏秋季播种后20 d采收,平均产量12 000 kg • hm-2左右。耐热性好,抗软腐病、霜霉病,具较强的抗逆性。品质佳,商品性好。适宜福建、上海、浙江、江苏、江西等地夏季保护地栽培和秋季露地栽培。

关键词: 白菜, 优质, 一代杂种, 品种

Abstract: ‘Jinpin 008’is a new seedling-edible pakchoi cultivar crossed by two high-generation self incompatible lines PQ310542 and PQ310241. The plant type is upright;the leaves are green and long oval;the leaf surface is smooth;the petiole is green,narrow and long;the hypocotyl is long. It is harvested 20 days after sowing in summer and autumn,and the average yield is about 12 000 kg • hm-2. It has good characteristics such as fast growth rate,good heat resistance,strong resistance to soft rot,downy mildew and stress. Fried food is crisp and tender,with good quality and good merchantability. It is suitable for protected cultivation in summer and open cultivation in autumn in Fujian,Shanghai,Zhejiang,Jiangsu and Jiangxi.

Key words: pakchoi, high quality, first generation hybrid, cultivar