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杨志武1,2,邓群仙1,王永清1,*,杜 奎1,潘翠萍1,张 卉1,张慧芬1,王 羊1   

  1. (1四川农业大学,成都 611130;2四川省林业科学研究院 成都610081)
  • 出版日期:2021-11-30 发布日期:2021-12-10

A New Spring Flowering Loquat Cultivar‘Chunhua 1’

YANG Zhiwu1,2,DENG Qunxian1,WANG Yongqing1,*,DU Kui1,PAN Cuiping1,ZHANG Hui1,ZHANG Huifen1,and WANG Yang1   

  1. (1Sichuan Agricultural University,Chengdu 611130,China;2Sichuan Academy of Forestry,Chengdu 610081,China)
  • Online:2021-11-30 Published:2021-12-10

摘要: 枇杷‘春花1号’是从以‘大五星’枇杷(Eriobotrya japonica‘Dawuxing’)为母本,南亚枇杷(Eriobotrya bengalensis)为父本的杂交后代中选育出的春季开花的晚熟新品种。果实卵圆形,单果质量40 g;果皮橙黄色,皮中厚,易剥离;果肉橙黄色,有少量石细胞,柔软多汁,味浓甜,含可溶性固形物10.4%,可溶性糖7.61%,总酸2.3 mg • g-1,维生素C 58.3 μg • g-1。在四川省内枇杷栽培适宜区种植,尤其适宜常规枇杷品种冻害频发的地区,盛果期产量控制在22.5 t • hm-2左右。

关键词: 枇杷, 春季开花, 选育, 品种

Abstract: ‘Chunhua 1’,a new medium maturing spring-flowering loquat cultivar,bred from the cross of‘Dawuxing’(Eriobotrya japonica‘Dawuxing’)× Eriobotrya bengalensis,with an oval fruit shape,orange-yellow skin,and soft pulp. The peel is medium in thickness and easy to peeled off. The flesh is juicy,sweet,frangent,orange yellow with a few stone cells. The average fruit weight,soluble solids,soluble sugar,total acid and vitamin C content are 40 g,10.4%,7.61%,2.3 mg • g-1,58.3 μg • g-1,respectiverly. The cultivar‘Chunhua 1’can be cultivated in loquat producing areas of Sichan Province,especially in areas with frequent frost damage. The yield is 22 500 kg • hm-2 during the full fruit stage.

Key words: loquat, spring flowering, breeding, cultivar