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叶向阳1,吴晓方1,李 花2,林锦何2,马 锞3,叶翰江2,李建国1,*,叶兆雄4,王泽槐1   

  1. (1华南农业大学园艺学院,广州 510642;2惠州市惠阳区农业技术推广中心,广东惠州 516200;3东莞市农业科学研究中心,广东东莞 523086;4惠州市惠阳区镇隆镇景丽荔枝专业合作社,广东惠州 516227)
  • 出版日期:2021-11-30 发布日期:2021-12-10

A New Late-maturing Litchi Cultivar‘Guishuang’

YE Xiangyang1,WU Xiaofang1,LI Hua2,LIN Jinhe2,MA Ke3,YE Hanjiang2,LI Jianguo1,*,YE Zhaoxiong4,and WANG Zehuai1   

  1. (1College of Horticulture,South China Agricultural University,Guangzhou 510642,China;2Agricultural Technology Extension Center of Huiyang District,Huizhou,Guangdong 516200,China;3Dongguan Agricultural Scientific Research Center,Dongguan,Guangdong 523086,China;4Jingli Litchi Professional Cooperative Group,Zhenlong Town,Huiyang District,Huizhou,Guangdong 516227,China)
  • Online:2021-11-30 Published:2021-12-10

摘要: ‘桂爽’是从荔枝实生群体中选育出的优良新品种。果实歪心形,平均单果质量31.7 g,果皮暗红色,肉质爽脆,可食率78.7%,焦核率86.7%,可溶性固形物含量17.1% ~ 18.6%。高接树第4年和第5年株产分别为17.3和24.3 kg。果实7月上旬成熟,具有果大、晚熟、品质优、易成花、丰产稳产等突出优点。

关键词: 荔枝, 大果, 晚熟, 易成花, 稳产, 品种

Abstract: ‘Guishuang’is a new litchi cultivar selected from seedlings in Guangdong. The fruit is crooked heart-shaped with dark red pericarp. The flesh tastes crispy. The average weight of single fruit was 31.7 g. The flesh recovery,seed-abortion rate and soluble solids content were 78.7%,86.7% and 17.1%–18.6%,respectively. The maturity period is early July,with outstanding advantages such as large fruit,late maturity,high quality,easy flowering,and high and stable yield. The average yield per plant in the fourth and fifth year of high-grafted trees is 17.3 and 24.3 kg,respectively.

Key words: Litchi chinensis, big fruit, late-maturing, easy flowering, stable yield, cultivar