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  1. (河南科技学院园艺园林学院,河南新乡 453003)
  • 出版日期:2021-11-30 发布日期:2021-12-10

A New Pumpkin Cultivar‘Baimi 2’

LI Xinzheng*,QIAO Dandan,LIU Zhenwei,GUO Weili,CHEN Xuejin,and ZHOU Junguo   

  1. (School of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture,Henan Institute of Science and Technology,Xinxiang,Henan 453003,China)
  • Online:2021-11-30 Published:2021-12-10

摘要: ‘百蜜2号’是以高代自交系TMG为母本,SJMS9为父本配制而成的中国南瓜一代杂种。主蔓第1雌花节位16 ~ 18节,单株留果1 ~ 2个。果实长颈圆筒形,表皮光滑,老熟瓜平均质量约 3.2 kg;果肉黄色,肉厚2.90 cm;味甘,细、干、面,香味浓。从出苗至采收约106 d,平均产量 54 330 kg • hm-2。田间生长势强,高抗病毒病和霜霉病,中抗白粉病,适宜在河南省及黄淮流域种植。

关键词: 南瓜, 杂交, 品种

Abstract: ‘Baimi 2’is a hybrid Cucurbita moschata cultivar derived from the high-generation inbred line TMG as the female parent and SJMS9 as the male parent. Its first female flower node of the main vine is 16–18,and the cultivar has 1–2 fruit per plant. The fruit is long-necked and cylindrical,the skin is smooth,the average weight of an ripe melon is about 3.2 kg;the pulp thickness is 2.90 cm,the pulp is yellow,sweet,delicate,mealy,with fine texture and strong fragrance. It takes about 106 d from seedling emergence to harvest,and its yield is about 54 330 kg • hm-2. Field studies revealed that it has high resistance to viral diseases and downy mildew,moderate resistance to powdery mildew. The cultivar is suitable for planting in Henan Province and Yellow River and Huaihe River basin.

Key words: pumpkin, hybrid, cultivar