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李森1,2,3, 刘娟1,2,3, 公菲菲1,2,3, 王楠1, 杜崴1,2,3, 张玲玲1,2,3, 亢秀萍1,2,3, 邢国明1,2,3,*()   

  1. 1山西农业大学园艺学院,山西太谷 030801
    2山西省设施蔬菜提质增效协同创新中心,山西太谷 030801
    3大同黄花产业发展研究院,山西大同 037004
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  • 通讯作者: 邢国明
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Studies on Flowering Characteristics and Breeding System of Hemerocallis citrina‘Datong Huanghua’

LI Sen1,2,3, LIU Juan1,2,3, GONG Feifei1,2,3, WANG Nan1, DU Wei1,2,3, ZHANG Lingling1,2,3, KANG Xiuping1,2,3, XING Guoming1,2,3,*()   

  1. 1College of Horticulture,Shanxi Agricultural University,Taigu,Shanxi 030801,China
    2Greenhouse Vegetable Quality Improving Synergy Innovation Center of Shanxi Province,Taigu,Shanxi 030801,China
    3Datong Daylily Industrial Development Research Institute,Datong,Shanxi 037004,China
  • Received:2021-03-03 Revised:2021-07-26 Online:2021-08-25 Published:2021-09-06
  • Contact: XING Guoming


为明确黄花菜‘大同黄花’(Hemerocallis citrina‘Datong Huanghua’)的开花特性与繁育系统对有性繁殖的影响,推进黄花菜杂交育种进程,对其花器官形态特征与开花动态、不同储藏温度下花粉活力变化、柱头可授性、繁育系统类型以及杂交结实率进行了观测与研究。结果表明:(1)其花期从6月中下旬开始,7月底至8月初结束;成熟期花蕾为黄绿色,开放时为鲜黄色,单花开放时间约12 h;花粉粒为椭圆形,外壁具有清晰而深刻的网状雕纹。(2)随着储藏时间延长,不同储藏温度下花粉活力均出现降低的趋势,花粉在60 d的储藏期内,-80 ℃超低温储藏条件较25、4、-20和-40 ℃条件下其花粉活力最高。(3)在开花过程中,其柱头可授性先升高后降低,花瓣打开后3 h柱头可授性可达到最强,在花瓣打开30 h后失去可授性。(4)杂交指数(out crossing index,OCI)为4,花粉胚珠比(P/O)为2 446.22,自然异花授粉坐果率显著高于人工自花授粉,由此判断其繁育系统为兼性异交。(5)在供试的多个亲本杂交试验中,‘大同黄花’为父本的结实率显著高于其为母本的结实率。

关键词: 黄花菜, 花器官, 柱头, 可授性, 繁育系统, 杂交育种


The sexual propagation of Hemerocallis citrina‘Datong Huanghua’was determined by the flowering characteristics and breeding system. To promote the process of hybrid breeding,we investigated the flowing traits including the morphological characteristics of flowers,blooming process,pollen vitality changes under varied storage temperatures,stigma receptivity,breeding system types,and hybrid seed setting rate. The results showed that:(1)The flowering period of‘Datong Huanghua’started from mid-to-late June and ended at the end of July or early August. Flower buds at maturity show yellow-green color and turn bright yellow when opened;the florescence last about 12 hours. The pollen grains are oval with clear and deep net-like carvings on the outer wall.(2)With the extension of storage period,the pollen viability exhibited consistent decreasing trends at varied storage temperatures. During the 60-day storage period,the pollen viability was the highest under-80 ℃ storage condition among 25,4,-20 and-40 ℃.(3)After the petals opening,the stigma receptivity increased firstly and reached its maximum at 3 hours;then it started to decrease and lost the receptivity at 30 h.(4)The out crossing index(OCI)of‘Datong Huanghua’was 4 and the ratio of pollen and ovule(P/O)was 2 446.22. The fruit setting rate of natural cross-pollination was significantly higher than that of artificial self-pollination. Therefore,the breeding system of‘Datong Huanghua’is defined as facultative outcrossing type.(5)The multiple parental hybridization experiments revealed that the seed setting rate of‘Datong Huanghua’as male parent was higher than that of female parent.

Key words: Hemerocallis citrina, floral syndrome, stigma receptivity, beeding system, crossbreeding