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杨  宽*,朱天龙   

  1. (上海辰山植物园,上海201602)
  • 出版日期:2020-12-27 发布日期:2020-12-30
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A New Cultivar of Waterlily‘Hunsha’

YANG Kuan* and ZHU Tianlong   

  1. Shanghai Chenshan Botanical GardenShanghai 201602China
  • Online:2020-12-27 Published:2020-12-30

摘要: ‘婚纱’睡莲是从以变色睡莲(Nymphaea atrans)为母本,蓝星睡莲(Nymphaea colorata)为父本的人工杂交后代中选出的新品种。大株型。叶片绿色,卵圆形,叶径32 ~ 35 cm × 36 ~ 40 cm。花半重瓣,碗状至放射状。花瓣32 ~ 35枚,开花3 d后颜色由白色变为深粉色。花径16 ~ 20 cm,花朵高出水面20 ~ 32 cm,萼片4枚。属于热带睡莲,北方地区不可室外越冬。

关键词: 睡莲, 品种

Abstract: The new cultivar of waterlily‘Hunsha’was bred by hybridization using Nymphaea atrans as mother plant and Nymphaea colorata as father plant. The leaves color is green. Its diameter is 32–35 cm × 36–40 cm with ovate shape. It is a large-sized plant,with semi-double flowers of bowl shape. This cultivar is distinguished from others by its changeable colors of flowers. It has white petals that then turn into deep pink over 3 successive days,petal number is 32–35,sepal number is 4. The flower diameter is 16–20 cm,the emergence height above water is 20–32 cm.‘Hunsha’is a tropical waterlily,and it cannot cross the winter naturally in the north of China.

Key words: waterlily, cultivar